“Christmas Fashion” Dec 22nd by Evane Models

“Christmas Fashion” Dec 22nd by Evane Models

A very exciting show is upcoming!
on December 22nd at 02:00 PM SLT
Organization by Evane Models Agency
We will show you the most interesting selection of the renowed brands :
“Gold in The night” by Elisea Carter
“Lady Mor” by Morea Ruby


Anna Sapphire
Dahlia Joubert
Madeleine Dollinger
Mavi Beck
Mimmi Boa
Payton Heron
Poptart Lilliehook
Sweetalicious Starsider

Host and DJ : Giela Delpaso (the sensual mermaid)
Direction: Angels Milena

On stage other Evane grads, trainee and models will amaze you in a cute coreography!
….omg…. needs more to run and enjoy?????????


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