Confessions Model Spotlight: Miss Uruguay 2011 Veronica Krasner

Confessions of a SL Top Model is so honored to welcome VERONICA KRASNER to our Supermodel Spotlight.

Veronica Krasner is an amazing SL Top Model who have been blazing the top agencies and shows this year. She is a hardworking model who never utters an ounce of complain no matter what the circumstances are. Her efforts and determination along with her professionalism gained her a level of respect and recognition in the SL Fashion Industry as she earned Top Model Tags and secured a finalist spot in Miss Virtual World 2011 representing Miss Uruguay. The most AMAZING thing about Miss Krasner is that she doesn’t let all these successes get to her head.   She is humble, sweet, friendly and so down to earth which is what makes her an excellent Role Model.

Meet Miss Uruguay 2011: Veronica Krasner

Q. Please tell us about yourself how you ventured into the modelling industry.

VK: I joined Second Life on January 6th, 2007 and after having some months getting used to the basic skills in-world, I started looking at the classifieds searching to join any modeling agency looking for models.
I was a cute little girl but of course I didn’t have a proper modeling shape and face, anyways I think it was my willing to become a model and to do what I wished so much that convinced three ceos of different agencies to hire me as a model. At this point I always thank to them (Sunshine Kit, Calamity Hathaway and Miguel Rotunno) for having faith and me and for allowing me my first modeling  assignments and runway shows.
After  a year modeling part-time and learning by myself and with the help of the agency’s trainers, the first modeling schools or academies started to flourish in Second Life and I decided it was time to acquire a formal training and to evolve in the profession.
I had a face and shape  makeover (the first of many following little “surgeries” I had LOL!) and I enrolled to InStyle (UVogue) Modeling School in September, 2008, then Avenue Models Academy in November, 2008 and lastly Glance Model Academy in February, 2009.
By that time, other agencies hired me and I started officially modeling as my main profession in Second Life 🙂

Q. Please tell us about some of your accomplishments within the modelling industry and describe what would be one of the most defining moments of your modelling career.

VK: I feel that one of my biggest accomplishments and satisfactions is to work nowadays for some of the biggest and well respected agencies among the Second Life Modeling Industry. Joining each one of them was a big moment in my professional career.

At the moment I work for: AVENUE Models, Evane Models Agency, Timeless Modeling Agency, ModelX the Agency, Maniera Model Agency,
SL Illustrated, Kabuki Boutique, PREMIERE MODELLING, Deja Vu International | Models, SuperElite Modeling Agency, Boulevard Agency, GLANCE | International Agency, BeStyle District Agency, Opium Fashion Agency, MELY’S DREAMS MODEL, AvCoN Production, DEJAVOGUE and ELEGANCE  INTERNATIONAL Modeling Agency.

I work also as store model for Gems & Kisses, Neiva Kumasi Couture,
.: Naive :.  and Exclusiva®

I generally wasn’t lucky enough on winning contests or pageants, but lately I managed to place 1st Runner for Prism Print Model Contest, 1st Runner up also for Miss Fashion Contest, Top 20 for Miss SuperElite Spring  and Summer 2010 and my biggest achievements so far were to get selected as an Official Finalist Candidate for Miss Virtual World 2011, in which I represent the country of Uruguay and I just got my first cover ever for Maniera Magazine last month of july.

Q. Please tell us about yourself and what  you consider your defining characteristics as a model that makes you unique and recognizable from the rest.

VK: I think I’ll say something that was said many times but it’s true… with L$ everyone can be stunning and wear the best skins and clothes, but I also think that part of your avatar reflects who you are behind the computer, your personality shines through it, so I think that is what sets me apart from the rest, I always tried from day one to be the same person I am in RL, with the same strenghts and weaknesses, I am proud of being responsible, friendly, a quick learner, attentive and a team work player, I believe the success on any task is a collective result so I work towards it.
My experience in the modeling field and my willing to keep learning and updating myself daily plus my personality are then what defines me as a model and makes me unique and recognizable from the rest.

Q. You have certainly established yourself well within the modelling industry. Please tell us what you believe are the essential elements to being a successful model.  Do you have any advice for aspiring models?

VK: I think to be a succesful model there are many elements joining all together: a formal education to learn the modeling techniques and styling tips, then practice on your own as much as you can, go to laggy sims with packed clubs and try to walk there in the best way you can, that will help you to get used to lag, which almost always is your company at the majority of the SL modeling shows.
Be reliable, punctual, well disposed, be open to the unexpected or last minutes changes, and mostly don’t give up. You will find rejection sooner or later at any point of your career, it is ok to feel sad or even angry (I felt that way too), but get over it, pickup your pieces and be ready for the next chance to try again 🙂
There is also a luck factor that you can experience too (some have it soon as they start their career, some have it later), I call it the “being at the right place at the right moment” it happened to me too, for castings mostly.
Also having a high self- steem and being self-confident will help you in this industry, but remember, everything in its right measure, don’t turn into arrogant or diva, the SL Modeling Industry doesn’t like those kind of models 🙂
Be unique, don’t copy other models looks, facial features or stylings, just be yourself and a recognizable face only yours 🙂
And also, I am not a “tech-girl” but you would like to have a good pc, with a powerful graphic card and enough RAM memory, to run heavy shows with lag as smooth as possible.

Q. What do you like and dislike about modelling?

VK: I like the thrill of showcasing the creativity of Second Life Designers, I like the feeling when I am styling outfits for a show at home, picking the accessories to showcase them at the very best light possible, I like the excitement and nerves I have backstage before my first walk out at every show and I like working with the fellow models as a group team, pulling all together in order to achieve a succesful show.
I like helping newcomer models, I think it’s a way to give back what I was given when I started in the industry, at the moment I am not a trainer for any agency since I have so much going on, plus I am out of home roughly 10 hours a day due to my RL work, but I surely help them when they ask me for advice and love doing it 🙂

I dislike… well I dislike rejections as we’ve spoken before, but they make me stronger in the end, and I dislike when drama arises, I simply try to stay out of it and just go and do my work.
I dislike also “diva attitudes” and arrogant people, there is also some of that in this world but in the end, this is a world made of RL people behind their avatars, so it can’t be completely avoided 🙂

Q. Please tell us what motivates you to be a model. Who inspires you the most and what is your inspiration?

VK: I’m motivated by all the talent that this industry has to offer, starting from the endless creativity of designers to modeling agencies CEOS, runway managers, trainers, stylists and fellow models. It’s because all of them that I want to continue doing my work at my very best possible, and I enjoy every single moment of it! 🙂

Q. Congratulations for being a MVW Finalist. What does winning Miss Virtual World mean to you and How do you plan to achieve it?

VK: I feel very honored and proud to be in the MVW finals, I really know it’s a very difficult process to get to the finals so I am very grateful to be part of this fantastic experience.
The MVW Pageant is a school for me, you learn from the other contestants, you share moments with them, you socialize and build bonds, and I hopefully expect to remain friends with them as some of the past edition finalists did. 🙂
I don’t have any plan to achieve the title, just being myself and giving the best of me in the pageant, to know I did the best I could will be the best reward for me, even if I don’t get crowned in the end.

Q. What are your plans and goals for the future in modeling?

VK: Well, I plan to continue working in this industry, as I said before I love it and I feel honored of every single show I get casted for, I would love to do some more print work such as vendors or magazine spreads, I didn’t have much chance of doing that type of work so far and I find it also as charming as walking a catwalk.
And of course I expect to get to meet the amazing contestants at the Miss Virtual World Pageant.

Q. Is there anything else that you would like to add?

VK: I would love to thank CSLTM for allowing me this interview to share my thoughts and experience and I wish you much luck and continued success with the blog. I also want to thank my sisters, husband  and friends for making me a better person every day I log in and share my hours with each one of them 🙂

Good Luck with the Miss Virtual World Competition. Thank you and Best Wishes to Veronica Krasner in all her future endeavors. Please feel free to  leave your support and comments.


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