FINESMITH Designs Jewelry

Who said you can’t have it all?

Make your desires come true with Finesmith Jewelry.

MODELS: Cade Nansen, BlackBarbie Bravin and RicoRacer Flux


Cade is  wearing the O3 earrings and necklace.
Barbie is wearing  the disturbia veil and the dragonlady earrings along with cybergirl bracelets. She is wearing the latest dress by Lybra Rage coming soon to Finesmith Designs.
Rico is wearing  a  great variation of tikara tiara and cubergirl necklace on his muscly arm:)

Visit the Finesmith Blog for more Info:


Behind the Scenes:

That is Lybra Rage and Markski Glom directing the scene for the photoshoot.

As you can see, we left plenty for the imagination. ;p

This was a very fun shoot to do. Even though it is very sexy and there’s nudity, I felt very comfortable. It is also my first time shooting with Cade Nansen and BlackBarbie Bravin which are just awesome to work with. Lybra Rage is the artistic genius with the idea to make this into a Finesmith Jewelry Advertisement. I must say, it turned out AMAZING.

Thank You Lybra Rage and Yula Finesmith.

As a model both in SL & RL, I don’t have any qualms about nudity as long as it is artistic and not pornography. I confess I had modeled nude in RL for an artist sketch as well as for a photographer’s portfolio who is actually becoming huge in San Francisco. I had visited him last year and there I was in all my glory (LOL) at his art gallery. Anyway, the point is….do what makes you feel comfortable. Do it for yourself (not anyone else) and never be coerced into doing something you are not comfortable with.

Bottom Pic by Markski Glom.


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