MANIERA names Anabella Ravinelli as General Director

Maniera Institute of Style

MANIERA names Anabella Ravinelli as General Director.

Bringing over 4 years of experience in the fashion industry, Anabella Ravinelli joins Maniera Institute of Style™ as General Director.  Ravinelli will be responsible for the future development and the day-to-day operations of Maniera Institute of Style.

“She’s one of the most respected professionals in the modeling industry,” said Topaz Joubert, Maniera CEO. “A few of our models have actually been trained by her. She is very well respected, bringing in new ideas. We have same philosophy and approach training in the same way so it made sense. With her experience of running schools, this is something we needed. We need someone with that type of background and business know-how, and I expect great things for the next year.”

With a career spanning 4 years and two avatars, Ravinelli joined Second Life® in October 2006 where she began as a model, photographer and writer for ASpiRE! magazine.

After a short break, Ravinelli returned to the fashion industry in spring 2009. A few months later, she accepted her first teaching position with UVOGUE. After UVOGUE closed its doors, Ravinelli would be asked to join Fashion Institute (FI) as an instructor, also becoming a spokes model for Fashion Palace and the Director of Sophisticated Secrets Modeling Agency, all under the Fashion Palace umbrella.  By the height of FI, Ravinelli would be the Dean of Modeling and President of Fashion Institute.

“Much to my surprise I found the perfect fit for me,” Ravinelli said. “I had never known I would love teaching and taking care of students and instructors as I did.  I had found my spot in SL.”

In August, Ravinelli bought FI from then-owner Colby Pevensey before closing its doors in October due to financial strain.

“However, I’ve now been offered another amazing opportunity to run the Maniera Institute of Style, and I am very, very excited to be on board with such an amazing staff,” Ravinelli said. “I love the connections I’ve made throughout SL.  There are a LOT of amazing and talented people and businesses in the modeling world and without ANY of them, SL would not be what it is.  I’m very honored to be part of it.”

Maniera Institute of Style opened its doors in March 2009 as a model training institution.  Quickly gaining popularity and prestige as one of the best model training facilities, Topaz Joubert would change the direction of the Maniera Institute of Style to expand into all areas of fashion professional training.

“We changed the direction because there are so many great schools out there that are focused on runway,” said Joubert. “We felt there was a need for a school that’s devoted to training fashion professionals on styling techniques: how to style and fashion history as well. So combined with that, the history of certain fashion trends, posing and prim editing, it’s more of an in-depth study of the industry.”


BCBC COUTURE Scholarship Program


The main goal of the BCBC COUTURE Scholarship Program is to provide scholarships to male models to help them further their education. We do this by taking a percentage from our yearly earnings from our shops and allocating it to the program, 20% of all sales go towards our scholarship fund. Scholarships are distributed directly to a model’s school of their choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this all work?
The scholarship is distributed to models based on the applications we receive. We do not teach or provide training at our shops but rather give any model who applies the opportunity to choose what school they would like to attend. On average, each model receives a one- time scholarship of 2500L to a school of their choice.

How do we choose who to give  scholarships to?
-Anyone who applies will be taken into consideration for a scholarship. However we choose based on the replies that models give us to the questions asked in our application. We only select the most passionate and dedicated models.

Where does the money go?
-All lindens are directly sent to a model’s school of choice in the model’s name. At no time will a model receve actual lindens toward their education; this is how we avoid having our program being scammed.

If you are a Model..

We are only looking for the most passionate male models here in Second Life, who are dedicated and looking to succeed in the modeling industry. If you are a model interested in getting assistance with your education please fill out the following application.
Your Name:

Are you currently in modeling school or planning to attend one? If so where?

Why should the program give you a scholarship? (Please put some thought into this, as this is what you will be judged on.)

Please include one head shot and one full body shot of your preference.

Please return completed application Bre Coba.


Evane models presents *RED PASSION* show

Evane models presents *RED PASSION* show

Evane Models Agency proudly presents the new winter collection of
“RED PASSION* the well renowed brand of the italian designer Katiuscia Vollmar!
Join us on December 2nd at 01:00 PM SLT on Evane Main Stage and get ready to be delighted by the new creations of this great fashion brand!

Show Direction: Mavi Beck
Set concept: Darkevilone Demonia
Hosting and script: Mimmi Boa
Music by Giela Delpaso
ADV texture and invite: Diconay Boa ( also the model in this stunning pic)