Laura18 Streeter

I am so pleased to present to you our next Confessions Model Spotlight:

Laura18 Streeter

This well known Italian model have been gracing the Second Life runways and magazines since 2007. Her hard work and determination combined with her unique beauty and professionalism have kept her on Top of the SL Fashion World. Many models have come and gone but Miss Streeter is one of the very few who are here to stay because of her love for fashion and adaptable styling skills.  She is the co-owner of L&B Black Label Productions Photo Studio as well as the head model of LOOK Elite. Her resume includes:

LOOK Elite head model
MAD Agency Model
EFA Model
Modavia Productions
UVogue (ex InStyle) Top Model
Premiere Model
former Face of ‘Styles of Edo’
Nominated for Runway Magazine Model 2008
former Runway Magazine model
former KaDeWe model

Please welcome our next CSLTM Model Spotlight: Laura18 Streeter

Q:  Please tell us about yourself and what  you consider your defining characteristics as a model that makes you unique and recognizable from the rest.

LS: I have been modeling since 2007. I believe in low drama, commitment, and getting the work done best I can. I think I can be anything a designer needs and I put my heart in what I do. I have a few “trademarks” – one is my shape I made over the years, the other is – usually – Lelutka skins. But none of this is etched in stone, I can be anything the designer or agency wants me to be.

Q:  What is your view of SL Fashion and how did you venture into the modeling industry?

LS: I started modeling on a whim. I had just been fired and needed a job o keep me in outfits – I had found out freebies didn’t cut it anymore. I thought to myself, “I don’t know how to do anything but I’m cute and pretty, perhaps I could model” – little did I know where that would have taken me!
Fashion in SL is a strange thing. While many concepts are those of RL, the tools are limiting and I think outfits need to be designed with SL in mind. Attempts to replicate certain RL dresses have met with failures. Cloth just doesn’t flow the same way. Said this, there are really lovely designs all over the grid, some easy to wear some harder, but all worth it!

Q:  What are some of your accomplishments within the modeling industry and describe what would be one of the most defining moments of your modeling career?

LS: I think a few things made me as a model. The first is joining Runway Magazine in 2008, and later becoming candidate for Model of the Year. Secondly, was meeting Edo Tone and becoming his Face of Edo with Mami Jewell’s designs. Last but not least, my management career I owe to Look Elite Models, for which I became CEO, then COO, and am still in charge of producing shows.

Q: You have certainly established yourself well within the modelling industry. Please tell us what you believe are the essential elements to being a successful model.  Do you have any advice for aspiring models?

LS: To be a successful model takes motivation. Lots of it. And the right attitude. It is one of never giving up. It is one of ambition, but at the same time humility. A difficult mix to achieve. Drama is a no no and will get you nowhere in most cases. Perseverance is what it takes. Nights of tears, failed shows, and rejections must never make you waver from your objective. All the tools and techniques can be learned – this attitude cannot and is almost impossible to teach. A model is a tool, whose purpose is to sell outfits. She is not on stage for herself.

Q:  What do you like and dislike about modeling?

LS: I love the creativity. I love fashion, and I love that I can be whatever I want, with less limitations than in RL.
I dislike, again, the drama that goes along with it all. Many models think its about “me, me, me” – this is not how I believe modeling should be done. I dislike attitudes in which one model is out to get the other – backstage we are all the same. Its a team effort. If your fellow model is not rezzed, tell her. Don’t act like you’ll look better if she’s all gray on stage. This negative attitude is present off stage as well. We should be in this together and not at war with one another.

Q:  What motivates you to be a model? Who inspires you the most and what is your inspiration?

LS: My inspiration goes with my moods, and with places i see and people I meet. Something strikes my creativity – it could be a new sim, a new outfit, a new article I read. Often it comes from within me.

Q: What are your plans for the future? Any future shows or projects we can look forward to?

LS: I still have several ideas for the fashion world. Call them events or shows if you will. A couple of these ideas I think have not been done yet on SL and they are at the moment top secret. LOL! I think there is still room for expansion, and not all events need to be boring. But the fashion industry needs a refresher sometimes. I’d like to try and take it in new directions .

Also, I opened a photo studio and am working to become a good photographer, which has been my passion in RL as well since long ago

Q:  Is there anything else that you would like to add?

LS: I said it before, especially for the new models: be yourself, be humble, and overall
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Thank you so much Laura for this informative interview. Best wishes to you in all your future endeavors in SL and RL.

Please feel free to say hello and give comments.


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