This is a wake up call!

ABOUT C O R P U S ™ association with NO H8!

The story begins when I read a NC for my partner in this cause, Editorial Clarity.
My best friend in real life is gay, and he is always fighting against all types of discrimination. People forget that being gay, bisexual… whatever people sexual orientation, they are human kind as well! And what I love about my friend is his capability of dealing with this situations, always being hurted and always moving forward and chin up. He is a very strong, spectacular person and hell YES, declared as a gay in society! I love him for the guts he has assuming what he is to the world, without afraid and proud above all circumstances.

I wanna thank Editorial Clarity as well for having this amazing attitude and for his acceptance when it comes to this campaign!
Ty Edi, we hope a least to make a bit of a difference!
I’m super proud of you!

C O R P U S ™ is giving poses for this campaign for free, a couple pose! And the poses can be used individually as well!
One favor I ask you, IF you have good sense, don’t take the poses just to have the poses, but because you support this cause! Be man/ woman enough and decent take it if you only believe in this!

My appreciation
Diconay Boa
C O R P U S ™ Owner & Designer

About Dico
Everything directly related with Fashion and Modeling… This is my passion! Just can’t see myself doing other thing! I absolutely love photography, I do my own photography when I can! As a RL Designer I design as well in Second Life, for my recent lingerie brand ‘Body Study’… My interests go beyond all this activities, but this I referred are so far the ones that make me really happy!
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  1. Thank you for sharing this guys!
    I think everyone needs to be conscience that whatever is people sexual orientation, they are same specie as us! If they don’t know to respect, they just have no caracter!
    We are in a world, where u can’t demand respect, you have to deserve it, and this people that have the guts to assume their sexual orientation, are the best people to deserve our respect!

    You guys rock!
    Squeezing hugs
    Diconay Boa

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