I’m A Star! New Release from Garded Secret.

I’m A Star!

LOL Well maybe not ME, but these lashes sure are!
I’m A Star lashes perfect for those who wanna be a star!
Great length for that extra bit of flare to set your beautiful eyes apart from others.
Want to be a star?
Well here is your chance!
Garded Secret,Talyia Tarber,Lashes,Vanity Hud,Avion,Scarlett Loxingly
Perfect if used in conjunction with the Avion Hud.
You will have 100’s of options for every possible outfit you may have.
*Also now available to work with the Avion Hud is the Butterfly lashes with and without the petal!*

Garded Secret Links:

Garded Secret In World Group

Model: Scarlett Loxingly
Photographer: Talyia Tarber

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