New at Champagne! Sparkling Fashion: DANGEROUS


For all you bad boys out there, we present DANGEROUS!

Live out your fantasies and be fierce in this hot new men’s outfit from CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion.  DANGEROUS  is full of sex appeal and daring excitement.  Made of leather, both the shirt and pants are uniquely colored in a combination of morphing black and silver.  Wearing the open shirt will surely help you release that power that is inside of you.  Imagine the smooth feel of the leather as it caresses your body.  And this shirt is loaded with features, showing your manly physique to its best advantage.  You will enjoy the button detail, stand-up collar, silver spikes on each shoulder, spikes surrounding each wrist, and flexible lower prims that move with you.

The low-waisted leather pants are no less impressive, with their form-fitting, smooth, and luxurious feel.  They have a very trendy look to them and are always a stylish addition to any wardrobe.

And when you put the two pieces together, get ready for a night of adventure!  Let’s face it – leather is just plain sexy no matter how you look at it!  Don’t wait to get yours – Live Dangerously!

Take the landmark below and visit us at CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion.

Enzo Champagne

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ATTRACTION By CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture



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