ModelX Presents “Sweetest Goodbye”


ModelX presents there Sweetest Goodbye together with Fellini Couture and White Widow.

Since june 2008 ModelX stands for highly trained experienced models, creative unique runway shows, designer parties, in-store promotional events and photoshoots for print media and advertising.

After 2,5 years ModelX decide to stop with the agency. For some people this will come as a shock but the models and some designers who knows me, know that this is the best for me at the moment. ModelX wont be sold, it will be removed from Sl. We want to give ModelX the best goodbye you can wish for. ModelX deserve to have there goodbye in a good way so everyone will remember it as something good, something creative and as a big family. By this show i want to thank my amazing staff, all my models, wich are very precious to me, and also all the designers who supported ModelX the last 2,5 years with special thanks to Fellini Couture and Angel Dessous. Hope to see you all.

October 22th, 1pm slt

Limo to the Show:


Fellini Couture and White Widow


Events Staff:
Host: KarenMichelle Lane
Stage Designer: Philip Dollinger
Showdirector: Linnda Scofield
Photographer: Daniele Eberhard

Carilynn OHare
Dancer Dallagio
Di Hoorenbeek
Fauve Beaumont
JeanetD Dryke
July Raymaker
Linnda Scofield
Natasja Schumann
Veronica Krasner
Wicca Merlin

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