CHEERNO Next Face 2010 (For Men Only)

THE FACE of CheerNo 2010

For more info, please check out the website:

For Men Only, The Women’s Contest will be in 2011.

1.Join the Casa CheerNo group.
2.Take a photo of yourself wearing a new CheerNo Skin “OLLIE SKIN” and outfit.
3. Submit it to CheerNo Couture Manager: Jarl Soderstrom by October 28th.
1. Photos must be 1024×1024 (pixels) and full perm. Any photo not meeting these rules will be
ignored and discarded.
> Do NOT send your photos to the designers or they will be ignored and you will be disqualified.
2. All entries will be anonymously uploaded to a private flickr group on October 29th, where a panel
of CheerNo judges will select our 3 finalists .
> Finalists will be announced in Casa CheerNo group and in
3. These top three finalists will then have their picture displayed on the CheerNo sim where the
public will be allowed to vote for their favourite until November 7th.
4. Public vote will count for 50% of results while the judges results will make up the remaining 50%
of the results.
5. Winner will be announced on November 7th and prizes will be given out.

> 1st Prize 10,000L$ and being the Face of Casa CheerNo’s next release line.
> 2nd Prize  2,500L$ Store Credit + our entire latest line
> 3rd Prize   1,500L$ Store Credit + our entire latest line
CheerNo Team


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