“TROUBLE” Body Talking pose by Arisia Ashmoot

Here Comes “Trouble”

Body Talking is looking for “Trouble”…. we think again in men and bring to the grid our brand new set. “Trouble” is a set of 10 poses with attitude, style…

“Trouble” also has, and will have more with time…, variations at some of the poses to fit better more outfits; only available as single poses at any of our stores.

“Trouble” is perfect for both runway and printwork due to it has the characteristic smooth transitions all Body Talking creations have.

You can find and try “Trouble” at Body Talking Mainstore; or at our satellite store at Maritima Inc. and you can also find the fat packs available in Xstreet!

And also, don’t forget, “Trouble”, as now all Body Talkingcreations, is X-Poser compatible!


Picture 1:

Pose: Body Talking – “Trouble”
Model: Trouble Inglewood
Photographer: Wicca Merlin and Louise McWinnie

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