Beauty and the Beast 2010 Jewelry Fair

Beauty and the Beast 2010 Jewelry Fair

October 8th – 17th

The theme for Jewelry Fair 2010 is Beauty and the Beast. The story of Beauty and the Beast is a classic fairy tale, and our interpretation of the story, time period, and setting hearkens to the traditional telling and is free from the more recent commercial suggestions. Please come to see our labours of love by selecting the Jewelry Fair SLURLS page. We have music, classes, and other events happening all week see the calendar in the next post or click here or on the Fair Events Calendar tab at the top of the page.

Once again, this year we are supporting Oxfam International !!! Oxfam is a confederation of organizations working together with partners and allies around the world to bring about lasting change to help people in poverty improve their lives. 100% of the proceeds from vendor entry fees, auctions for one-of-a-kind items created especially for this Fair, paid sponsorships, and special events proceeds will all go to support Oxfam. Many jewelers are also putting up special vendors to share 50% of proceeds from the sales of specially designed themed pieces and some of their creative best.

Come explore the wonder and the magic of this 17th Century province with four sims of the best designed jewelry and accessories in all of Second Life. Your carriage awaits…click on the Jewelry Fair SLURLS page for a listing of locations at the fair.

* The Forest:

a winding path through trees and foliage, with gypsy wagons, tinkers’ carts, cabins and straw huts featuring fantasy, ethereal and eclectic style jewelry.
* Beauty’s Castle:

a majestic castle and grounds with formal, fancy and traditional jewelry.
* People’s Village:

charming, old-world Bavarian style shops around a town square featuring casual style jewelry.
* Beast’s Castle:

a vast, dark castle and grounds with gothic, occult and BDSM type jewelry.

Please visit their blog for more info:


Music and Entertainment [Beauty’s Castle]

* Friday October 8th:

2pm – 4pm Tristain Savon, DJ

* Saturday October 9th:

8pm – 9m Nesto Silverfall, live performance

* Sunday October 10th:

12pm – 2pm Meredith Freund, DJ

* Monday October 11th:

6pm – 8pm Sofia Diage, DJ

* Wednesday October 13th:

8pm – 10pm Roselynn Darks, DJ

* Thursday October 14th:

12am – 12pm Trisha “The Voice”, DJ

* Friday October 15th:

5pm SFL All Star Cheerleaders


Jewelry Fair SLURLS


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