New Release from CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion: CONTROL

Are you in CONTROL or out of CONTROL?

For the man who is highly assertive and exerts immense confidence, CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion Introduces two new outfits that every man will want to add to his wardrobe.  CONTROL is a chic, debonaire, refined, and stylish new suit with fabulous detail and lots of extras!

The suit itself is comprised of a midnight sateen jacket with pocket, button, striped cuffs, and collar detail, and grey trousers with a striking textured silver belt and a smooth, shiny silver buckle.  The silk white shirt is smart, with ribbed texturing and silver edging around the collar.  And also included is a dashing white and silver  tie with a sparkling white silver tie clip that accentuates the suit to perfection!  And you will keep them all guessing when you wear the included mirrored silver pair of sunglasses — mystery is intoxicating!!  Black leather gloves complete this magnificently tailored design.  You will always be in CONTROL when you wear this suit!

And for a dark and very sensuous, chivalrous change of pace, we also offer DARK CONTROL.  The same cuts but in dark version,with an inky black shirt, black silk tie with a sparkling silver tie clip, and black leather gloves.  The feeling may be nebulous and moody, but perfect for those times when you want sophistication with a touch of mezmerizing allure to be at your fingertips!

Versatility is always an important feature that we build into our designs.  Mixing and matching with other pieces of your wardobe gives you many, many options to create several new and exciting looks!

Head to CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion and wear CONTROL for that dominant, and elegant feel of macho magnetism!!

Enzo Champagne

for a glittering life!
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