AVENUE: Miamai – Spleen and Ideasm Fashion Show Video

Miamai – Spleen and Ideasm Fashion Show



Fashion Design:
Monica Outlander | Miamai Fashions

Show & Music Director:
Rusch Raymaker

Photography Art Installation:
Rusch Raymaker

Stage Building:
Pill Kanto

Jesika Contempomi

Kryptonia Paperdoll & Livia Mastroianni

Machinima :
Colemarie Soleil


AVENUE Models:
Mavi Beck
Dahlia Joubert
Reign Congrejo
Fauve Beaumont
Cherie Parker
Seashell Dench
Natasja Schumann
July Raymaker
Jesika Contepomi

Guest Models (the ghosts):
aspasia Ashdene
yzabelle Fuhrman
Kattia Kaestner
redhairgenie Cabassoun
Louise McWinnie
Ipkiss Igaly
elyna carver
shiloh fouroux

The Dark King:
Winter Jefferson

Music :
“On we march (alone remix) by Nine Inch Nails

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