SL House & Garden Sim Grand Opening!

SL House & Garden Sim Grand Opening!

Grand Opening Party!
October 1st from 12pm – 2pm SLT

Tunes by Summer Deadlight! Come on by have some fun, do some fantastic shopping and grab some free gifts πŸ™‚

If you would like any information or an invite inworld – please contact Jennaa Loire.


Visitors to the SL House & Garden Sim can expect to see a venue dedicated to everything home, furniture, garden and decor. There will be a fantastic array of shops featuring the very best home and decor creators from accross the grid. There is more ‘showcase rooms’ featuring home and decor creators each offering an exclusive item for visitors to the sim, as well as a room for interior designers and bloggers each demonstrating different ways of creating a look for your home. There is also a new texture trend showroom…..a first for SL! This showroom displays some amazing and unique textures and shows you how to work textures together. Visitors will also have a relaxing gallery and cafe to enjoy which features home decor and garden photography of group members. There is also a terrific display of the winners of the SL House & Garden Group monthly photography competition. Not to mention, a spectacular and diverse sim built by pitsch Parx that is simply breathtaking.

I can not thank pitsch Parx enough for creating this amazing sim with me. It has honestly been a humbling experience to work with such a talented person on this project. It has been an absolute pleasure my friend. XoXo



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