Garded Secret: Skins, Tattoos & More by Talyia Tarber


If you haven’t heard yet, the amazing super photographer Talyia Tarber is now designing amazing unique skins and tattoos with attitude. The high quality and designs of each skin is very fierce and dramatic with highly detailed make-up and eye lashes. Lucky you Ladies! Go to her store now and see all the fabulous choices of skins and tattoos in stock. I am hoping that Talyia will come out with equally FIERCE male skins soon. Ehem! I might try the poppycock skin actually pictured below. I can RAWK it.

ABOUT Garded Secret:

SL fashion photographer, Talyia Tarber, has put her camera away to focus on a new creative endeavor. From her dreams and passion emerges a new line of skins. Whether you desire a casual or a cutting edge makeup style, you will be sure to turn heads with one of Talyia’s best Garded Secrets.


Garded Secret skins come in five different tones for you to choose from: Pale (the lightest), Fair, Tan, Bronze and Dark Bronze (the darkest).

Each Makeup comes with several options: cleavage or no cleavage; french manicure/polished nails or no nails (to be used with prim nails, leaving your glove layer option free); a light brow or dark brow. (colors and brow options will vary from skin to skin.)

Some skins may have special accessories included to further enhance the look.


There’s a code at the end of each skin name in order to help you remember which options come with the skin layer you’re about to wear.

NCL – No cleavage

CL – Cleavage

FM – French Manicure

PL – Polish

NN – No Nails (for use with prim nails)

LTBR – Light Brow

DKBR – Dark Brow


All skins are no mod/copy/no transfer.



The Phreak of Nature Limited Edition Skins will be GONE September 1st. GET this UNIQUE skin NOW!!!! RUN!!!!

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