Tres Beau ~ Always in Style

Well, she’s back. Kimmera has done it again for you. The latest releases bring beauty, style and class. Nothing less, and we never except anything other than that from a leading designer in Second Life.

Now, as my profile states, I’m supposed to be on vacation. But…when I got an offline message that she had new releases, well, I logged in to check them out. As usual, I’m very impressed. See for yourself below. I’m sure you’ll be impressed too.

Now this sexy number is called Chaplin. It’s beautiful and classy.

The top is a see through blouse with no sleeves. Now I could call it a tank top, but I think it’s a little classier than that. The sleeveless blouse is a nude beige lace with a slightly darker bustier underneath (yes, your nipples are covered lol). The front is decorated with gathered lace of the same material, done in a soft way and put together at the top with a small black bow.

The pants are slightly loose and black with a corset-like flare at the top. At the waistline it’s brought in with a simple belt and for that added touch, suspenders are also added to give a definition of the torso lenghtwise. Now, if you thought suspenders were just for guys, think again. Kimmera has tied this nicely with this outfit giving the whole look a classy feel.

This gives a more business/casual feel.

You can see I took a trip to the Italy sim, taking pics and walking around. This outfit is great for those lunch get togethers or going to a business meeting. An outfit with many wear-to possibilities.

The next outfit is called Milea.

Now excuse my language, but…..oh nevermind, I won’t. But I looooove this outfit. It’s avant garde and very sexy.

This dress starts off with a corset, on top is lovely dark plum lace and from the breast down it’s black. The jacket layer is a corset, full of cinched satin, lace appliqués and metal clasps. At the back, is the same lace at the top but the corset wraps around and matches the front white/black appliqué. Topping off the neck and shoulders is a full plume of beautiful black and dark plum faux feathers.

The skirt prim dips in a U lengthening your torso and hips, making you look longer and taller. And to highlight your hips, the skirt prim fans out, but not too much, giving you the balance visually with the faux feathers on top.

And not to forget about what adorns your head and hands. A sexy brimless hat in the same dark plum and black mid length gloves. Not only does the hat add further height and the gloves that extra glam, but they add a fierceness to the outfit – making you a stand out anywhere.

The third outfit is call Monarch.

So, between the beautiful Monarch wings (spread around in a beautiful pattern) and the black faux feathers around the chest area I can’t think of anything more appropriate than wow. It’s hard to take a living creature and turn it into a wearable work of art without making it cheesy looking. But this gown is by far the best I’ve seen in taking this to the next level.

And best part too, the skirt comes in 4 types, short (sculpted and flexi) and long (sculpted and flexi). Making this a veratile dress or gown to wear at any occasion, even touring the beautiful gardens of SL.

The last outfit for this posting is called Tiffany. This is a perfect name since the RL Rose, called Tiffany, is just a beautiful.

The gown is tightly fitted around your body and topped at the shoulder and neck line with a flowing mass of rose petals cascading around you. The skirt prim is of the same beautiful rose petals with an added train of white translucent silk and ending with rose petals. You can wear this without the train, turning this into more of a dress, but not just any dress, one that will make you smile just wearing it.

I sure looked like a princess wearing this dress. Made me feel like I was in a fairy tale.

I have included a limo below, whether it’s a magical pumpkin or a fancy limo with a driver, you decided.

Limo to Tres Beau Mainstore

Happy Shopping. : )

~ Jen

RADAR Magazine is Hiring Models and Photographers

Radar SL Magazine is hiring!  Experience is not neccessary .

Please note you must meet deadlines and photo shoots.
Staff Photographers

Print Models (male and female)

If interested please send this notecard renamed  to Labella Farella



Rezz Date:
Short Bio (tell me about your self:

Experience in area applied for:
Flickr site:

You will be contacted by Labella withen 48 hours please do not IM about application till this period has passed.

Apply before 9/2 Saturday Deadline

Pic by Labella Farella

DoJo Fall Collection LookBook by Sanders Beaumont

DOJO 2010 FALL Collection Video by Sanders Beaumont

DoJo is a virtual brand in Second Life®. Under this label Designer & CEO Sanders Beaumont drives his company into a more broad direction with a focus on avant-gardistic, conceptual and future couture. Presenting you with this clip a selection of the Lookbook 2010.

Designs available at:


CHIC Management “The Call for Couture Festival” Casting Call

Coming soon are three very high fashion, quality, exciting shows that will be run throughout The Call for Couture Festival. A CHIC Management event sponsored by Best of SL Espanol that will feature some of the top brands in SL including Bliss Couture, Swansong, Baiastice, House of Rfyre, Indyra Originals, Caroline’s Jewelry, DeeTaleZ, Alyssa Bijoux Jewelry, TRUTH, {Zaara}, Son!a, So Many Styles, <theabyss>, BLITZED, Tee*fy, League, Chantkare, LG Concept, ISPACHI, King for Men, RICIELLI, Luck Inc, Glam Affair, Donna Flora, Mariposa, salt., Reale, Pididdle, WoE, Exodi, Cynful, Fume’, G Field, Gems & Kisses, Miamai, Muism, Orage Creations, PurpleMoon Creations, *BOOM* Clothing, *Deviance*,  Fall Out, Fall In, TART, Blacklace, House of Fox, Hucci, KIM Bodysuits, Laciecakes, LiNe, Maven Haus and My Precious.

Because of the quality of the avant garde designs being given for this show, we are in need of quality models.  Just having a great look will not be enough to get you into these shows.  We are needing models who know their stuff and have high skills and experience on the runway.  If you believe you are this type of model, please read below for FULL details before casting.  Thank you for your interest and best of luck to all of you!

Casting Rules:
– Come prepared in a formal outfit fully styled
– 8 poses that show off the outfit to the best
– VPC set to code:  9@3241@CFCcasting
– Prepare a notecard titled “CFC Casting – <YOUR NAME>”, and on this notecard please include your name, the shows you are available for (must also be available for three rehearsals and the dress rehearsals for those shows), and two photos- headshot and bodyshot.  This notecard must be handed to Anabella Ravinelli.

If you wish to be in these shows, you MUST be available for for the following:
– The show day, at least one hour before the show starts until the show is finished.
– The full dress rehearsal
– Three runway rehearsals

NOTE:  Failure to follow these rules will result in you being replaced.  No exceptions.

You only need to attend ONE casting time slot.  Even if you are available for more than one show.  We will be choosing approximately 10-14 females and 1 to 3 males for each show.  This amount may change and vary.  And backup models will also be chosen, who MUST attend the required times as well.

(All times are SLT)

Show #1 – Saturday, October 9th at 4pm
(Must be back stage at 3pm and plan to stay till 6pm)
Casting:  Saturday, September 18th 4pm
Tuesday, September 28th at 4pm
Thursday, September 30th at 4pm
Friday, October 1st at 4pm
Sunday, October 3rd at 4pm
Wednesday, October 6th at 4pm
Dress Rehearsal (plan for 2 hours)
Friday, October 8th at 4pm

Show #2 – Wednesday, October 20th at 11am
(Must be back stage at 10am and plan to stay till 1pm)
Casting:  Wednesday, September 29th 11am
Wednesday, October 6th at 11am
Friday, October 8th at 11am
Monday, October 11th at 11am
Wednesday October 13th at 11am
Friday, October 15th at 11am
Dress Rehearsal (plan for 2 hours)
Tuesday, October 19th 11am

Show #3- Friday, October 29th at 7pm
(Must be back stage at 6pm and plan to stay till 9pm)
Casting:  Friday, October 1st 7pm
Tuesday, October 12th at 7pm
Thursday, October 14th at 7pm
Tuesday, October 19th at 7pm
Thursday, October 21st at 7pm
Tuesday, October 26th at 7pm
Dress Rehearsal (plan for 2 hours)
Thursday, October 28th at 7pm

Thank you and please direct any questions to Anabella Ravinelli or Keira Seerose.