BOSL Fashion Week 2010 – Day Three: Urban Fashion

Picture by Giela Delpaso

BOSL Fashion Week 2010 continues at 4:00 p.m. SLT with a catwalk show dedicated to the best in edgy urban wear and gritty styles  from in-world renowned labels such as Demise, Gabriel, grasp, S.I.C 49 and Vanguard. Join us at the beautiful Patch Thibaud Auditorium where Boulevard Agency models direct from the streets will delight you with the toughest andsexiest apparel of all Second Life.

Models for today show are Anastacia Markova, Mikey Batriani, Apollo Call, Blackbarbie Bravin, Kurvy Rhode, Liam Netizen, Phillip Dollinger, RicoRacer Flux, Todd Anton, Trouble Inglewood and Veronica Krasner.  Music will be provided by the amazing DJ Sofia Diage, your host will be the beautiful Brittainy Collins and everything will be coordinated by Boulevard Agency Director Kay Fairey.

Another BOSL Production you just don’t wanna miss, hope to see you all there!



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