The Royal Crown Contest

We are honored to present to you:

*•.¸’*•.¸ ♥ ¸.•The Royal Crown Contest*•.¸’*•.¸ ♥ ¸.•

Sponsors of this contest are:


Beginning September 15, 2010, for a duration of 12 months, 12 “QUEENS of the Month” and 12 “KINGS of the Month” will be chosen. The 24 QUEENS and KINGS will be finalists to go on to compete in October 10, 2011 Finals to be crowned:

QUEEN of 2011

KING of 2011

The 2 winners will be representing QUEENS & KINGS brand for one year until the next ones are crowned.


For the monthly contests, 5 ladies and 5 gents will be chosen and invited to the live runway. The 10 monthly finalists will be voting together with the guest judges who consists of designers, journalists, bloggers, and photographers, to determine the winners of the month.

Judges: Every month, we will be welcoming guest judges.
1 KINGS Management
1 QUEENS Management
1 Donna Flora representative
1 MOOLTO representative
1 Guest Blogger
1 Guest Photographer
1 Maniera representative
5 monthly QUEENS finalists
5 monthly KINGS finalists

The runway Finals will be held every first Sunday after the announcement of the 10 finalists on or after 30/31st.

Runway Finals Schedule:

12:00 ~ 12:30 pm (slt): KINGS runway finals
12:30 ~ 12:45 pm (slt): Voting of KING of the Month
12:45 ~ 1:15 pm (slt): QUEENS runway finals
1:15 ~ 1:30 pm (slt): Voting of QUEEN of the Month

1:30 pm (slt): The Coronation Ball where the winners are announced and crowned.
The Coronation Ball will be held at “The Rose Theatre” in honor of the winners with music and dancing to follow.

At this time, together with the K&Q of the Month, First and Second Runner-Ups will also be announced. The First and Second Runner-Ups will replace KING and/or QUEEN of the Month if he/she can not enter the final K&Q of the Year contest. The First & Second Runner-Ups may re-enter the contest.

As one of the prizes to the QUEEN and KING of the MONTH, they will be allowed to stay at “The Palace” for the duration of one month, until the next Coronation Ball at The Rose Theatre.

QUEEN and KING of the MONTH Prize:

1. 1.500L for QUEEN and KING of the MONTH each;
2. One (1) Queens and Kings outfit to the QUEEN and KING of the MONTH;
3. Interview with winners on Maniera Magazıne;
4. Poster will be made with the winners of the month;
5. Coronation Ball in honor of QUEEN and KING of the MONTH:
6. Princess Crowns by Donna Flora, presented to the winners at the Coronation Ball;
7. Stay at “The Palace” until the next QUEEN and KING of the MONTH is crowned.



12 Queens and 12 Kings of the Months will be published on QUEENS & KINGS blog, Moolto group page and Maniera Magazine.

The jury will be judging based on runway and styling and 3 ladies and 3 gents will be chosen as QUEEN and KING of the year, First Runner-ups, and Second Runner-ups.

If at any time the QUEEN and/or KING of the year can not fulfill its responsibility, the First Runner-ups will take his/her place.

Prizes for the QUEEN and KING of 2011:

1. Represents the QUEENS & KINGS brand for a year

2. 10.000L for first place – QUEENS & KINGS ads on several magazines as face of QUEENS & KINGS

3. Crowns made by Donna Flora. These crowns will be showcased at the QUEENS & KINGS store for the reigning year.

First-Runner Ups:
5.000L –
3 Queens & Kings outfits

Second-Runner Ups:
2500L –
1 Queens & Kings outfits

*Contact Maddox Kaestner or Serene Faith for an APPLICATION.

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