ESHI OTAWARA “Mix & Match” Contest

In this contest, you will need to create, model, and photograph a brand new Eshi design, using parts from at least 3 existing Eshi designs. Sound tough? It is….

Here’s the rules:
1) One entry per person only!
2) Your mix’n’match design must consist of no less than 3 Eshi Otawara outfits.
3) Your Mix’n’Match ensemble must include at least TWO outfits from the 2010 collection (located to the LEFT of the entrance of Eshi Otawara Store) and any number of 2008 collection outfits (located to the RIGHT of the entrance of Eshi Otawara Store). You can only use the outfits that are currently on sale in the store.
4) You may NOT use any of the limited releases from Eshi Otawara dress line.
5) You must post your image to Flickr “Eshi <3” group, titled with “Eshi Mix’n’Match Contest + Your Name”  (url:
6) Your image needs to be at least 1024×1024 pixels in size.

No one loves a work of art like the artist, so the challenge is to see who can deconstruct and re-arrange their favorite Eshi designs to create a unique look. You are welcome to resize the attachments, change attachment points and tint them another color – to give you a few ideas of how to approach this challenge.

Top 5 chosen designers will be announced under their submissions in the Eshi<3 Flickr group on Friday 1st October as well as in person via IM.
The official end of this contest is Sunday, October 3rd at 1 PM SLT when the top 5 chosen designs will be invited to participate in a mini catwalk followed by a live music performance of Craig Lyons. The winner announcement will be made at the end of the event!
The lucky winner will get a custom one of a kind colored outfit from any existing outfits at the store and the winning design will be made into a new release with the winner’s name on it as a co-designer. The winning image will be used to represent Eshi Otawara brand in Craig Lyons’ soon to be released fan magazine as well as be displayed at Eshi’s store for a month after the contest.

Have fun and good luck!

LM to Store:

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