LOOK Elite Quick Contest


It´s time for an old tradition within the LOOK Elite Models Agency to start up again after the summer break! Since it’s inception in late 2007 the agency has arranged contests in a unique way.  The idea has been to announce a contest with a short time for preparation, normally two hours. This has been one way to prepare the models within the LOOK Elite Models Agency for the demands that sometimes occur in the world of modeling.

A model of today needs to be ready for different challenges whether it’s about short notice getting into a show for various reasons, or if there are sudden changes in walk order or design for a show. It´s an absolute necessity to have your inventory sorted in a good structure to be able to act upon these kinds of requests and quickly retrieve the items needed.

The contests will be held once a week and will be arranged with a theme.
The contest will be announced in channels that connect with models and will be open to anyone to attend. The announcement will normally be made two hours before the contest starts. The contestants will be asked to join the LOOK Elite Models Clients Group and after arriving to the contest area have a short preparation time and after that perform a runway walk wearing the design that is the theme for the contest.
The contest is judged by the sponsring designer and a prize is awarded the winner.

Skills such as styling and runway abilities will be part of the material for judging. Many prominent designers have been
sponsring these contests as Leezu, Insolence Gabriel,
Angel Dessous & Couture, Diram, Champagne, Kunglers, Malt, MEB, Morea Styles, Just Me and Uzuri to mention some.

We wish you all welcome to take part in these old LOOK Elite – tradition and hope you will have a good time while you do!

If you want further information about this event – send an IM or preferably a notecard to Bety Dudek or Madeleine Dollinger!

Good Luck and Best Wishes from

The LOOK Elite Managment



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