FACES of Model’s Workshop Contest

“Face of Models Workshop”
As you know, the International Model Convention is being held September 22nd – 26th, 2010 and being sponsored by Premiere Modeling.  Giselle Temple, the CEO of Premiere, has been gracious enough to donate a free booth to our group to help promote what we do.

As part of this booth – we would like to feature 4 members of the model workshop.  One photo would be one of our Workshop staff members talking about why they volunteer for the workshop and the other three would be from our members rank – talking about how Model’s Workshop has benefited them as an SL Model.

We are looking for 3 of our members to be one of the “Faces of the Models Workshop”.  Your photo will hang on the wall at the booth at International Model Convention and will be setup so that if someone clicks on your photo they will receive a notecard with your testimonial about how the workshop has benefited you.

To enter fill out the information below and return to Herradura Baar by September 15th, 2010

Winner will receive:
*  His/Her photo hanging all week at the International Fashion Fair.  This photo will have your name on it and will hand out your testimonial to those who click on it
*  One headshot done by Shae Sixpence of A Thousand Words Photography Studio.  This photo will be used for the Fair and you will receive a full perm copy of it for your own portfolio.



SL Rez Date:

About how long have you been an SL Model:

How did you hear about the Model Workshop:

How has the Model Workshop helped your SL Modeling Career: (200 words or less please):

Finally please attach a snapshot of the outfit you would wear if selected.  The photo will be done mainly of your upper body (head down to chest).  DO NOT PHOTO-SHOP – SNAPSHOT ONLY.  Please keep the outfit stylish but simple.  No Avante-Garde, Lingerie, Swimwear please.

You must be a member of the Models Workshop Group in order to enter!

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