MANIERA Magazine’s The Dark Side of Beauty September 2010 is now Available


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Join us as we explore the darker side to our realities.

In this issue, we take you from your real lives into your second lives as we search for meaning, how our avatars reflect our unique personalities, how to protect yourself from falling prey to fashion industry too-good-to-be-true’s and a look at intellectual property, the most important aspect of Second Life’s economy, and the most feared creation of Intellectual Property holders in SL: The Copybot.

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INTRODUCING MVW Finalist: Miss Uruguay 2011 Veronica Krasner

*Waves to everyone*
My name is Veronica Krasner and I am having more than 3 years and a half logging to SL almost daily.
I’ve started working as a model in September 2007 (part- time, sporadically) and after a year and attending several modeling academies I’ve decided to make of modeling my main activity in SL.
I am proud of working for some of the best agencies in the grid and most of all, I have lots of fun doing it! I enjoy being a model and always try to give my best possible at what I do 🙂
As of May 2010, and I still can’t believe it, I am a MVW finalist, representing in the finals my neighbor country, Uruguay.
I am thrilled and excited about what’s about to start soon and can’t wait to meet all the lovely contestants, have a great time with them and put a memorable show all together!

Many hugs to you all!


*Taken from Miss & Mr. VIrtual World Fan Club

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Mr & Miss Virtual World Pageant Fan Club.

Just write a brief biography about yourself, the country you are representing and include a face picture.
Let the fans get to know you. Thank You So Much.