BOSL MAGAZINE September Issue Now Available

BOSL September Issue Now available with Helenna Baxton on the cover.

Read about BOSL Fashion Week, BOSL Exclusive: Stiletto Moody. Discover the Art and Soul of pose making and see SL San Francisco….among other others.

Pick Up a copy now or Read it Online:

MAD Agency Group 3 & 4 Runway Auditions

We got 2 shows TODAY for you when last of MAD Agency Finalists get on stage to audition for their place in the agency. We dig out 2 previous MAD Agency show sets for them ~ real shows, real obstacles.

We have also sent FREE Cheerno outfit for audience to wear via KMADD Enterprise group. If you wish to come to second show, then wearing this outfit would be compulsory. You can obtain outfit from KMADD Enterprise past notices, from event posters at landing point @ KMADD or at the event.

So avoid Hair Fair rush today and see 2 great shows supporting your favorite models.



Taken from MAD website. Please visit the website for more info:


*RicoRacer Flux: “The Journey”: Hello Everyone. I am competing in the MAD Agency Casting Runway Audition Group 4 today. Please come and support me and the other Finalists as we strut our stuff and see if we are MAD quality. =) I had a great time and honor to style a Sci-Fi Glam outfit in group 4 made up of about 7 designers. Instead of going the usual space body suits/helmets, I went into a completely different and totally outrageous direction. My styling has always been glamorous over the top glam and I promise you that I won’t disappoint. LOL. You will see me in a futuristic Matrix-Like Asian Inspired Samurai Cyber Warrior in latex and leather. You can see bits and pieces of the inspiration films from the 5th Element, Speed Racer and 2001 Space Odyssey. I am very nervous because I find that the more unique you are, the greater the chance of people probably not liking your style per their taste. *Crossing my fingers. I really did enjoy this styling challenge and opportunity and I can’t wait to show it on stage. Thank you to MAD Agency, staff and other finalists for this experience.