Lionskins Photo Contest

What happens when four great designers come together? You decide!

LionSkins has teamed up with Vanity Hair, N-Core and Aleida to bring you this fantastic photo contest, giving one lucky winner the chance to win L$20,000.

The Contest will run from Wednesday 25th August until Wednesday 15th September. Any entries submitted after this date will not be taken into consideration.

All entries will be placed on flickr and in the LionSkins Mainstore for public viewing.

Here is a little bit of information about the other participating designers:

Brand that provides wide range of dresses, casuals, accessories and footwear for the fashionminded women.

With a gentle touch of African emotion comes Aleida’s uniquely designed wear, not only for the everyday fashionable woman but those that live and breathe glamour.

Don’t leave anything but your footprints,
Don’t take anything but your memory, and of course an outfit too!

Come inside and live the dream of Aleida.

N-Core offers a wide variety of unique, and high quality sculpted footware and many more other things. The attention, care and detail put into every pair of shoe will make you feel sexy and beautiful. ______I swear you will love it!_________
Vanity hair
Vanity hair is running since may 2009, so a little over a year now. As some of you may know i used to be a model in SL and modeled for the best agencies and designers, always looking for the best hair to style my outfits, but i did not always find what i had in mind, that made me start making my own hair. Also the support of my close friend applonia Criss from Chantkare, she was definitly my push up to start my own business. My hair styles are made to wear on sl runways, for print works or just to wear on any occasion you want to stand out from the rest.
I have put my soul in every single design and all my passion.
Hope my customers like them as much as did love making them.

Now for the prize informations and the rules. Please read the following very carefully. Failure to comply to the rules will disqualify your entry.

☯ The Prizes ☯

1st Place – L$20,000, and an item of your choice from each of the participating stores.

Runner Up – Will each receive an item of their choice from the participating stores.

☯ Rules ☯

☯ You must wear a Nova or Sukai LionSkin, clothing from Aleida, shoes from N-Core and hair from Vanity Hair.

☯ Maximum of one entry, you may take the photograph yourself or hire a photographer. If hiring a photographer please ensure that that they know that you need your picture with full rights to avoid any problems if your picture is used as a store ad or on the blog.

☯ You must submit the picture to Raine McCellan to be eligable to win.

☯ The texture should be 1024 x 1024 full permissions ”JPEG” only.

☯ No names, contest names or photographers signatures on the actual picture.

☯ While photo editing is allowed and encouraged, please try to keep the items as they appear in world for example no photoshopping teeth. Photo editing is not manditory.

☯ Any pictures submitted become the property of LionSkins,Aleida,N-core,Vanity hair and gives us all rights to use the photo for display and / or advertising.

☯ Please no offensive content.

☯ Failure to comply to all of the rules will disqualify your entry and you will not be eligable to win ☯

☯ The Judges ☯

LeeZu Baxter – LeeZu Baxter Designs
Frolic Mills – BOSL Founder and CEO
Jesika Contepomi – Avenue COO
Cherie Parker – CEO Exclusive Studio Art Photography
Barbara Nicholls – LeeZu COO
Kay Fairey – Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy, CEO

Any questions or queries regarding this contest, please contact Ella Quinsette or Raine McCellan by notecard and we will be respond as soon as possible.
Best of Luck to everyone!

~LionSkins Team
Lion Jonesford | CEO
Ella Quinsette | Manager
Raine McCellan | Manager

☯ Find us online
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