MAD Agency Model Search FINALISTS

CONGRATULATIONS and GOODLUCK to all the MAD Agency Model Casting Finalists:

Trouble Inglewood
Clark Mactavish
Jax Aster
SC Tracy
Aspen Parx
Glitter Bolissima
Maya Nubalo
Katherine Comet
Honey Bender
Jennaa Loire
Halllie Larsson
Ananya Mai
Phillip Dollinger
Maxime Tyran
Gabe Bookmite
Rouge Anthony
Arkaine Cazalet
Serene Faith
Linnda Scofield
Natasja Schumann
Anna Sapphire
Carley Benazzi
Bety Dudek
Maddox Kaestner
Garrett Ceriano
Daniele Eberhardt
Mangosio Lohner
Pumpkin Saenz
Carilynn OHare
Maile Michinaga
Seleane Triellis
Florentine Rau
Imani Enzo
Fauve Beaumont
Aealla Illyar
Tanaya Baxton
Soulful Dreamscape
Liam Netizen
Dimitri Shinn
RicoRacer Flux
CheerCoach4EJS Gymnast
July Raymaker
Dancer Dallagio
Alexia Speizer
Mischa Cuttita
Leah McCullough
Jena Adder

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