New Poses from BodyTalking by Arisia Ashmoot

Check out the latest releases from BODY TALKING for all your photography and modelling needs:

Finally, after few months, we can release the second part of the “Wicca Merlin set”. This set of 10 poses is a casual yet high fashion with that fierce touch caracteristic of my muse.

“Wicca Merlin II” is perfect for both runway and printwork due to it has the caracteristic smooth transitions all Body Talking creations have.


Summer is almost ending, but days are still warm enough to inspire a brand new set called “Sunny”. This set of 12 poses has been specially designed to showcase a huge variety of outfits, from casual to swimwear; and always remaining fashionable.

All poses have the caracteristic smooth transitions Body Talking‘s creations have; which makes Sunny perfect for both runway or photoshots.


Body Talking has created a new set inspired in ballet series, very elegant and classy with a touch of fantasy called dancer. This set of 10 poses has been designed to wear gowns with big skirts due to the high position of the arms; but is also perfect for system skirts because of the legs are closed in all the poses to not distort the textures.

Dancer is perfect for both photoshots and runway as it has the smooth transitions all Body Talking creations have.


You can find and try all the poses above and more at Body Talking Mainstore; or at our satelite store at Maritima Inc. and you can also find the fat packs avaliable in Xstreet!

And also, dont forget all Body Talking creations, is X-Poser compatible!

Couture AVENUE Look 2011 Contest

Couture AVENUE Look 2011

Couture AVENUE is looking for fashionista extraordinaires that are able to embody the spirit of our couture brands and combine top-notch looks and styling to be the face for Couture AVENUE in 2011.

Offering one top male and female winner an invitation to AVENUE MODELS, an exclusive AVENUE MAGAZINE cover and to be the face of Couture AVENUE ads and promotions.

Do you have what it takes?

For more information and application form visit the Couture AVENUE Look 2011 @ AVENUE at GOL.