Fellini Couture , 1st anniversary Photo Contest

Fellini Couture , 1st anniversary Photo Contest

[Many thanks to Ruriko Bracken who kindly allow us to use her beautiful photo]

This summer, Fellini Couture celebrates its first anniversary !!!

Joy Fellini created her very first gown last year during hot days, and since this time she hasn’t stopped creating for our great pleasure !!

For this very special occasion we are organizing a photo contest :

The theme is : Fairytale (princess, witch, faery, and whatever your imagination will creates)

~~Rules :


✦ Entries will run from August 15th to September 1st.2010 [3pm SLT]
/!\ entries after this deadline will not be taken into consideration /!\

✦ Only one photo per entry and the photo has to be a new creation. No old photo please.
There can be one or several models on the pic but there will be only one prize.

✦ You can take the photo by yourself or hire a photographer. You have to wear a creation from Fellini Couture or a mix&match with Joy Fellini’s design.
(Hairs, Lingerie are also acceptable)

✦ Photo editing is encouraged but not mandatory. If you use a photo editing programs make sure designs keep the same aspect as in world. (No morphs and no vulgarity)

✦ We reserve the right to remove any images that is not matching our rules from the pool.

✦ Post the photo into the Fellini Couture, 1st Anniversary – Photo Contest group on Flickr :


✦ Add the tag “Fellini Couture 1st Anniversary” to your photo.

✦ Add a description to your photo, with your full SL name and write a description of your photo, explaining why you chose this gown, what it represents for you etc… and if you have a soul as a writer you can write a little story about the dress and your photo. It’s up to you.

✦ Once posted into the group, the photo become a property of Fellini Couture and can be posted into blogs, displayed into our store….

✦ Please, make sure you have all rights on the photo before posting it into the group.
If you are a photographer, make sure your model(s) are aware that you’re participating to the contest, and if you’re a model, make sure the photographer is aware that you’re participating to the contest. This will avoid any bad surprises.

✦ The winner will be announced on September, 5th. 2010


~~Criterias :

✦ Matching with the theme.

✦ How you highlight Joy’s creations.

✦ Originality.

✦ Photo’s quality.

✦ Photo description’s quality.

~~Jury :

✦ Joy Fellini – Fellini Couture’s designer & photographer.

✦ Carilynn OHare – Fellini Couture’s Muse 2010

✦ Lulu Jameson – Freelance photographer.

✦ Julie Hastings – [White~Widow] designer & photographer.

✦ July Raymaker – Owner of Manifeste, the art of posing.

~~Prizes :

Winner :

✦ 5000 L$ cash.

✦ 3000 L$ to spend in the Fellini Couture’s store + the next new release free.

✦ Three face’s tattoos of your choice from [White~Widow] .

✦ One pack of poses of your choice from Manifeste, the art of posing. (2500L$ – 25 poses)

✦ Your photo displayed in the mainstore

1st runner up :

✦ 1000L$ cash

✦ 2000L$ to spend in the Fellini Couture’s store.

✦ One face tattoo of your choice from [White~Widow]

✦1000L$ (10 poses of your choice from Manifeste, the art of posing)

✦ Your photo displayed in the mainstore

For any question, please IM Fauve Beaumont.


To keep celebrate this 1st anniversary, from August 15th, every two days, a different gown will be put to -50% in the store until September 1st.

So a total of 9 gowns will be at – 50% at our mainstore.

Today, for two days, the gown with 50% down is : Golden Dragonfly

You can find it under the gazebo (next the last new release)