NO H8 Campaign

Hello Everyone!

Over the past few weeks, you might have seen random photos or profile picks discussing the NO H8 Photo Campaign.  It’s viral and seems to be everywhere I look lately.

CreativEdge Studios is an official photographer for this amazing campaign and because of that I am turning directly to our wonderful modeling community and asking for your support.

NO H8   “No Hate”   is an international movement to promote awareness of gay and lesbian civil and human rights around the globe through the power of the image started by Adam Bouska.


1.  Join the NO H8 Group

2.  Contact Kaliope Faith to schedule your photoshoot.


All photos will be FREE of charge.  If you desire to make a donation, the entire proceeds will go directly to the NO H8 Campaign.


To participate in this photo campaign you MUST wear all white attire -or- be nude.  Dramatic styling is welcomed and accessories can be of any color.  The face tattoo as well as the duct tape for your lips will be given to you free of charge when you show up for your shoot.


All photos become property of NO H8 and will be displayed in the NO H8 Photo Garden, CreativEdge Studios and on our official flickr group.  You will be given a full rights copy of your photo as well to be used as you please.



Kaliope Faith
CreativEdge Studios CEO
Official Photographer of NO H8

Body Talking by Arisia Ashmoot for all your Runway, Photography & Custom Poses

Body Talking by Arisia Ashmoot is one of my very favorite pose store for my Modelling and Photography needs.
Body Talking seems to be the perfect name because it seems like Arisia can talk magic to the body and create just the perfect pose with such ease of movement. These poses are perfect because it is smooth and free flowing as it transitions. It also does not distort the body or the clothing being modelled. There are many wonderful and unique poses to choose from at the store. If you want very specific poses, Arisia can tailor make it just for you and make sure it is perfect to your needs. Arisia is one of the pose makers who really helped me with Mister Virtual World. My Egyptian and Finale Outfits were fabulous but it had sooooo much prims that every single movement was very detrimental to the contest as it can easily go inside the body. With a contest like MVW, a single prim going inside the body is like suicide. LOL. Arisia took days to custom made the poses one by one just for me and even adjusted each one during the “outfit/poses” fitting. So, If you have a special event that you want to blow everyone away with unique perfect poses, consider to custom made them. Arisia is one of the very few pose designers who will do it for you.

For more INFO, please visit the BODYTALKING website below.



AD MODELS: RicoRacer Flux, Arisia Ashmoot, Wicca Merlin, Louise McWinnie & Tandra Parx.