Summer’s heating up with Midi

As Summer is starting for some, and coming to a close for others, here in Second Life the weather can be whatever you want it to be. This can be a great thing if you are wanting to escape from RL and enjoy the suns rays, sitting pool side with a cool drink and great company.

Another benefit of this is the wonderful Summer wear from our great designers in Second Life. And I got some great bikinis from Midi’s that broadens my limited bikini inventory. *coughs*

Now, for those of you who don’t know Midi Aeon, she is a wonderful designer, great person and CEO of Midi’s. As I’ve said before, it’s not easy being a designer and CEO of a company, in RL or SL. But for those who are fortunate to carve a name for themselves, they are truly gifted, and Midi is one of those talented people.

Okay, let’s cut to the chase and get on with the show.  This first bikini is called Surf Monokini.  It’s not quite a one piece and almost like a bikini.  I haven’t seen such a monokini (as it’s called) and think it’s a creative idea.

The left side is left bare and the right side is hugged with the top and bottom in a artistic pattern of blues, greens and purples.  It reminds me of a Caribbean ocean with its waves moving back and forth against the beach.  It’s hypnotic and calming to look at.

This monokini is great to wear to a pool or beach party and will definitely get those comments and glancing eyes.

This next bikini is called Scraffito Tonga in Pink.  It also has orange and gold patterns which reminds me of the colors of a beautiful sunset.

The top and bottom both have the same colors and pattens.  The great thing about this bikini is the additions.  The top has a gold clasp that holds the both sides of the breast covers together and also has a tie behind the neck.  The ties are also included for the bottom, this making the bikini a realistic one and goes to show the great lengths Midi took to making this for you.

When I first saw this bikini on, it made me feel like I was wearing something from the Chanel line in RL.  Kinda looks like it.  If you’re wanting to up your bikini line in something classy and sexy, this is must buy.

I have included your limo below to check these bikinis out and her many other great designs.

Limo to Midi’s Main Store

Happy shopping.  : )

~ Jen

SLCC’10 Fashion Track

SLCC’10 Fashion Track

Join us as we present this year’s SLCC Fashion Track live from Boston. Building a Fashion brand is the nuts and bolts of not only building your brand but maintaining it through any climate.

The brightest minds in SL fashion share with you their insight.
Aradia Dielli
Callie Cline
Harper Beresford
Jesika Contepomi
Rusch Raymaker

Sunday, August 15 – 1pm SLT
AVENUE at Gol Runway