Model Fair 2010

Model Fair 2010—————–

Crystalwood Magazine is thrilled to announce the first Annual Model Fair has been scheduled for August 28th, 2010 at 4:30 PM SLT. (Please Check your time Zone to confirm time.)
Model Fair’s main purpose is to bring model’s, designer’s, agencies, and media corporations closer together. In order to do this we would like to invite you to model fair.

Agencies/Designers Information———————-

If you are an agency/designer and you would like to purchase a booth at model fair please IM melinda bluxome. If you do choose to purchase a booth you will be allowed to register models, photogrpahers, stylists, etc. to your agency/shop at the fair.

Regular Booth – 500L*(Basic booth; similar to ticket booth)
Custom Booth – 1000L* (We can custom build it for you, or you may provide us with one.)

*The Purchase of an Ad in CW Magazine will give you eligibility for a free booth at Model Fair.

Currently Participating Agencies and Comapnies:

Mohna Lisa Couture
Boulevard Agency
Miss Virtual World Organization
Arcobaleno Agency
Maritima Modelling
The Powder Room (Cosmetics and Body Works)
Absolut Model Agency
24 Shoo Shoes

Media Corporation Information———————–

If you’re a media corporation seeking ad space at the model fair please IM melinda bluxome, for more information.

Live Music——————————

We’ll also be having Live Music at the Fair, if you are a live performer of any type, drop me a note, and I’ll get back to you.

The Fair Walk——————————-

After the first hour of introductions and events, we will be having The Fair Walk, which is an alotted amount of time for models, designers, stylists, media corps, Magazines, and the like to view the many modeling agencies, previewing themselves for us.


We will be hosting live interviews with your favorite Second Life People. If there is someone you’d like to reccomend please send me a note with their name, and a brief bio of them.

Current Interviewees:

Kay Fairey – Fashion Icon
Dailyn Holfe – Up and Coming Fashion Blogger
Temperance Kellman – BOSL Radio Executive
BlackBarbie Bravin – Production Mananger (And all around awesome person :))
Frolic Mills – Fashion Icon

Live Music

The Fair Walk
Public Speakers
And More….

Keynote Speakers——
Kay Fairey – Fashion Icon
Dailyn Holfe – Up and Coming Fashion Blogger
Temperance Kellman – BOSL Radio Executive
BlackBarbie Bravin – Production Mananger
Frolic Mills – Fashion Icon
Monica Balut – Balut Runway HUD Creator

Models, Designers, and Journalists————

Please stop by and tour the fair. This is all for you.

If you need anymore information or you want to book a booth please IM Melinda Bluxome.

Information on CW Magazine———————-

CW Magazine is an imprint of Crystalwood Promotions, we are happy to announce it will launch in SL late this august, most likely after Model Fair 2010.
We are a Fashion, Lifestyle, and General Concept magazine and cannot wait for our first issue.

If you would like to purchase and Ad in one of our issues please IM Melinda Bluxome, or Terran Magic.
(If we are not online please drop us a notecard)

Virtual World Professional Networkers

I own a Professional/Business group that use to be hosted on, we (1000+ Members) are moving to our own Ning site. The name of the group is called VWPN- Virtual World Professional Networkers.

The feartures of this site allows us to have a Marketplace. I invite you to create a profile and place an AD for your products for FREE. As a member you will have access to all the other features this Network has to offer. If you just want to join as one that supports businesses in SL, you are welcomed.

If your Business is
Modeling – JOIN US
Publishing- JOIN US
Builder- JOIN US
Performance – JOIN US
Event Planning – JOIN US

Here is your opportunity to connect with 1st life business owners open to collaborations, investment and support of your business in Second Life or other Metaverses.

Here is your exclusive Invitation to the NEW site:

The site is Password protected to avoid Spam. Please use this Answer to gain access- PSL means- “Professional Second Lifers”. This Answer will be available for a limited time only. Then you will have to be Invited into the group.

Join Us as we make this move.
Contact Prissy Price for more INFO.

Prissy Price