A Model’s Promotion Tool

Looking for a new venue to market yourself as a model?  Well, I stumbled another great way to do this.

Now, I went to IM Diconay Boa and I saw on her profile a link for her modeling portfolio.  Not being able to resist checking it out, I was excited what I saw.  Needless to say I still haven’t gotten around to IM her yet.  LOL

The website is Wix, a website design host that allows you to create personal pages with your own flair and finesse.  It’s very easy to use and has so many features that assures no one will have the same page as you.

First, you start with a list of standard layouts to choose from.  Once selected, you can choose to import your own pictures for your background and add text, buttons (to link to additional pages you created), animated pictures to add eye candy, and even music and videos.

This is such an intuitive way to personalize you on the web.  Oh, one more thing that’s great about this, you can add tags to your website page to give you even more search capabilities when someone is browsing the Internet.  Wow!  😀

Check out my page here and see what I created in a short time.  I haven’t posted Diconay Boa’s to show you hers as I haven’t received approval to do so.  But check out her inworld profile and grab her link.

I had so much fun with this, I’m sure you will too.  Once you have created yours, please come back and post your link so we can see yours.

Happy website creating.  : )

~ Jen

FASHION CALENDAR: Boulevard Agency presents Modern Gypsy

Boulevard Agency presents Modern Gypsy

Featuring Designer Micah Kanto’s Latest Collection

Saturday, Aug 7, 1:00 PM SLT

Boulevard Runway – TAXI: http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Renaissance%20Galleria/192/62/1009/


blackliquid Tokyosaka

Chirzaka Vlodovic

dancer Dallagio

Devine Hunt

Kay Fairey

Melanie Sautereau

Miaa Rebane

Pic courtesy: Miaa Rebane

INTRODUCING Miss Virtual World Finalist: Miss Spain 2011 Darling Tomorrow

I am truly honored to be a finalist for MVW, someone pinch me! I have been a model on SL for about a year now, and truly love every aspect of it! I am proud to be Miss Spain 2011, I am a Spanish American and yes, I speak Spanish fluently. I am currently with several modeling agencies and model for several clothing designers as a store model.

I am truly humbled to be a part of this amazing pagaent and I am in awe of the wonderful company I am in. I look forward to working with everyone in the months to come! Thank you for this fantastic opportunity!



*If you are a MVW finalist and want to be featured here, Please post it at the flickr discussion group at


Mr & Miss Virtual World Pageant Fan Club.


Just write a brief biography about yourself, the country you are representing and include a face picture.
Let the fans get to know you. Thank You So Much.


SB Menswear Evolved Show –

Evane Models Agency will held this HUGE Production! It’s a rare thing on SL but so worthed! a MEN Fashion Show!


This huge production will be sponsored by SB Menswear.SB Menswear features some of the finest men’s clothing in SecondLife. Men’s jeans, casual shirts, sweaters, leathers, jackets, uniforms, suits, and formal wear… They have it all.They are proud to show us really amazing creations as SystemX Suits. SB Menswear is happy to announce that their new SystemX suits was featured on the cover of the August issue of Abello magazine. There will also be a feature story/interview in that same issue. Without giving too much away, all we can say is that the new SystemX Suits was released on August 1st. The initial release will include single breasted suits in about a dozen colors, double breasted suits in the same colors, about 26 shirts, and over 30 ties.SystemX suits are unique… the system allows literally millions of possible wear combinations!

The show goes under direction and supervision of Diconay Boa [Evane Fashion Director],  with colaboration of SB Owner Managment Charity Steampunk and the amazing designs of Sweeny Baxter.

Amazing known Models will be stars in this show, they are:

Daniele Eberhardt

Apollo Call

Liam Netizen

Maddoz Kaestner

Trouble Inglewood

Salvo Waydelich

Another amazing designs and production that we are sure you don’t wanna miss!

Show date: 7th August [Saturday]

Time: 3 pm SLT

Limo to SM Menswear Evolved Show

Mark your calendars to attend!  Men’s shows are rare and we really need to support these guys as this also tells the designers we want more great mens’ designers in SL!  So let’s get out there and support each other.  😀

See you there!