INTRODUCING Miss Virtual World Finalist: Miss Germany 2011 Leandra Breen

~Leandra by Cherie Parker~, originally uploaded by Leandra Breen.

Hey it’s me… Lea, I am model with all my heart. I am working for some of the best Agencies of the grid. I am Marketing Manager of Angel Dessous, Show director for Evane, ModelX and BeStyle Agency and if i found some time i love to explore SL’s beautiful sims with my partner.

The Fashion world of SL and all those creative designers are simply fascinating and I am each day happy again to be a part of it :-).

I am truly honored and very happy to represent my home country Germany for MVW 2011 and I look forward to the contests and events starting in October this year. I hope that all finalists will have a friendly and wonderful time during the finals. Girls, lets do the best we can, lets have an amazing time and lets celebrate the finals.

My motto is… dare to be different and dare to rule the trends, but all with style :-)))

Love and good luck to all,


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Second Football League DRAFT

Now’s your chance to witness SFL history firsthand! The Second Football League will hold its first ever draft on Sunday, August 8, 2010 beginning at 4pm SLT. This is a major part of what’s been an exciting journey for the SFL and we’re inviting YOU! This exclusive event is open only to league and team personnel and their affiliates. If you would like to be a part of this, please RSVP via note card ASAP to Rachel Carstensz to get onto the access list. A special press area will be set up at the draft. Here, members of the press will be able to interview the first ten team players, team owners and SFL staff to include Founder and Owner, Romeo Torvalar.

The SFL, launched in May of this year, utilizes revolutionary animations and other components to bring Second Life residents a truly immersive and life-like American football experience. It boasts over 32 teams with owners, players, cheerleaders and coaches being some of SL’s most influential, respected and skilled avatars. The SFL is not only changing the face of sports in Second Life, but media as well with its exclusive contract with TreetTV, one of SL’s most watched networks.


A major bridge between RL and SL in what it has to offer players, fans, businesses and media alike is the SFL. Major accomplishments have taken place and there is plenty more to come. Be a part of this phenomenon and join us at the SFL’s first draft on Sunday, August 8 at 4pm SLT. Again, please RSVP via note card ASAP to Rachel Carstensz to secure your place. Thank you for your support of the SFL and we’ll see you on Sunday! The SFL leads the way!



2010 BCA Date Auction

2010 Pool of Hope Charities, Women 60 miles in 3 days for a Cure

Pre-bidding has started through Aug August 01, 2010

There are a great cross section of people participating and possibly your next date. Come to the auction boards and see for yourself, your next dream date is only a click away. There is still plenty of time to JOIN, invite your friends, customers, gal/guy next door to be the next awesome date AND help the fight again breast cancer!
++In Association with KMADD Enterprise, Best Of SL Magazine, Costa Rica Sims , Nuki Nuki Beach & Gardens Of Absentia++

In the spirit of giving back, the Gardens of Absentia’s Pool of Hope Charities, our friends, relatives, and loved are invited to participate in this event to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and research.

All funds collected from the 2010 BCA Date Auction will be passed on to the Women 60 miles in 3 days for a Cure . Two year ago we raised over $L600,000 is will be great to equal that number.


Need a date for that special occasion, want to change things up from that “regular” you have been hanging with, or have you always wanted to go out with that person but never had your chance???

Do not be bashful – now is your time to explore the inner you and express it in a very positive way! Bid on that Babe or Dude and benefit breast cancer research at the same time. Go to the “Date Board” and select your target dates(s) – yes always have a plan B ready!


There will be auction boards rezzed in the event area to collect pre-bids. The same auction boards will be used to collect final bids and select winners. Only one person will have the top bid, once someone is out bid, their money is returned and notified by IM that they have been out bid.


If you are the winning bid you will receive a date that consists of 2 continuous hours. It is up to the winner to contact “the date” and schedule a time that both can meet and go on their date. This is a charity event and meant to be fun and entertaining for the participants. Any misunderstandings or clarifications should be sent to IPUNIN PERA or FILO TANI.