ModelX Rainbow Show 2010 7/31 1PM SLT

ModelX Rainbow Show 2010



Presents Rainbow Show 2010

July 31th, 1pm slt




B! Fashion

Fellini Couture


Purplemoon Creations


Sascha’s design


Events Staff:

Host: KarenMichelle Lane

Stage Designer: Philip Dollinger

Photographer: Tillie Ariantho

Showdirector: Linnda Scofield

Dancer Dallagio

Elyna Carver

Fauve Beaumont

Linnda Scofield

Mavi Beck

Memory Thorne

Mimmi Boa

Natasja Schumann

Rhonda Pennell

Veronica Crasner


Seth Diabolito

Daniele Eberhart

Liam Netizen

Philip Dollinger

Blog Preview:

Model, picture and stylng: Linnda Scofield

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