Miss Virtual World 2011 Finalists

The judges have voted and decided that the following ladies are now Official MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2011 Candidates:

Ruby O’Kelly
Shae Sixpence
Blossoms Sweetwater
Keira Soulstar
Serene Faith
Rhonda Pennell

Congratulations ladies !


August LIVE auditions will be the last opportunity to get into MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2011.

Good luck everyone.


The rest of the Miss Virtual World 2011 FINALISTS:

blackLiquid Tokyoska
Calista Ella
Fuzz Lennie
Katherine Comet
Estela Parx
rakusu Aabye
Carilynn OHare
Ranini Farella
Luralie Bailey
Veronica Krasner
Fauve Beaumont
Leandra Breen
Darling Tomorrow
Emeraldeyes Honi
Angels Milena
Syra Hyun
Jennaa Loire

* I hope I didn’t miss anybody. ;p

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