Evane Models Agency will held this HUGE Production! It’s a rare thing on SL but so worthed! a MEN Fashion Show!


This huge production will be sponsored by SM Menswear.SB Menswear features some of the finest men’s clothing in SecondLife. Men’s jeans, casual shirts, sweaters, leathers, jackets, uniforms, suits, and formal wear… They have it all.They are proud to show us really amazing creations as SystemX Suits. SB Menswear is happy to announce that their new SystemX suits was featured on the cover of the August issue of Abello magazine. There will also be a feature story/interview in that same issue. Without giving too much away, all we can say is that the new SystemX Suits was released on August 1st. The initial release will include single breasted suits in about a dozen colors, double breasted suits in the same colors, about 26 shirts, and over 30 ties.SystemX suits are unique… the system allows literally millions of possible wear combinations!

The show goes under direction and supervision of Diconay Boa [Evane Fashion Director],  with colaboration of SB Owner Managment Charity Steampunk and the amazing designs of Sweeny Baxter.

Amazing known Models will be stars in this show, they are:

Daniele Eberhardt

Apollo Call

Liam Netizen

Maddoz Kaestner

Trouble Inglewood

Salvo Waydelich

Another amazing designs and production that we are sure you don’t wanna miss!

Show date: 7th August [Saturday]

Time: 3 pm SLT

**Note from Jen ~ LM to follow next week I’m sure.  I’ll update when I get one for you.  Mark your calendars to attend!  Men’s shows are rare and we really need to support these guys as this also tells the designers we want more great mens’ designers in SL!  So let’s get out there and support each other.  😀

See you there!