MODEL’S CLOSET: The New & Improved Strut It Modelling HUD

Are you one of those who are using STRUT IT Hud created by Mango Splash?

Are you one of those who requested a default pose on Strut it?

If yes….well we got a good news for you, we updated STRUT IT HUD which is ready to be distributed the updated one directly to all lovely and loyal customer who are using it.

How to get your updated one?

Easy, since we got no time yet to fix updater script, you need to meet us and we will give you ur newly updated STRUT IT HUD personally 🙂

Leave us an offline IM or notecard and we will set up a meet and greet date with yah 🙂

Contact Person:
Kryptonia Paperdoll
Mango Splash

For more info, Pls check the website:

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