FASHION CALENDAR: Mimmi’s class Grad Show!

Mimmi’s class Grad Show!

Layout: Diconay Boa
Model: Mimmi Boa

The class trained by Mimmi Boa is gonna graduate.
I’m glad to invite you to support the fantastic models on July 19th at 1PM SLT on Evane Summer Stage in Rodeo Drive!
The show is sponsorized by ” Anubis Style”; “Anuda Shoes” and “Alatiel Fashion”

Show director : Mimmi Boa
Host: Diconay Boa

Morgane Batista
TyraBanks Eiren
Prazillo Lemon
Federica Galtier
Shae Sixpence
Harsch Sharktooth
Elyna Carver
Medianoche Carissa
Amazon Silverweb
Raphael Treves

If you miss it you are fool!

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