FASHION CALENDAR: Agata Models Agency Presents GABRIELS Fashion and Accesories 7/17 6PM & 7/18 6AM SLT

GABRIEL Opening collection

For opening commemoration, we have prepared a lot of new works,and will do a wonderful show, “GABRIEL Opening Collection”. From GABRIEL to line-up of abundant varieties such as the first dresses and yukatas. And “runway pose *agapee*” abundantly has lined up of runway pose, and open it same time from GABRIEL group.

(The pose of this show uses all commodities of agapee.)
Moreover, a special gift of the show limitation will be prepared for the person who had come to the show on that day. Please come down to the GABRIEL SIM and enjoy our show.

//// July 18th 2010, 6AM(SLT) : SHOW START ////

*After the show ends, the gift is distributed only for one hour from GABRIEL.
*For opening commemoration of agapee, we have prepared 12poses as group gift of GABRIEL.

As for the first show held from 6PM on the 17th, it is only a customer who has the platinum ticket. However, it live relays from VWBC on the following web site, we hope you enjoy it.


There is a limitation in the number of coming to see the show because we do the show on 1 SIM. And we would like to request that you remove as many lag causing attachments as possible. We are appriciate your understanding.

Thank you.

Architecture:Setsuna Infinity


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