Nefertiti Kimagawa Summer Ad Model

Nefertiti Kimagawa is looking for a model to be in the first summer ads that will run for 3 months in Glance Magazine and BOSL Magazine. In addition, you will receive a free portrait courtesy of HoneyBear Lilliehook Photography, you will become print model for the store display vendors and blog posts released during that time, and a 3000L$ cash prize!

-You must join the subscribe-o-matic which is in all the stores and Flickr group, if you do not join these groups you will not be considered.


-Please send in a 1024×1024 full body and head shot of you modeling in an outfit from store, the freebies are not allowed, to the Flickr group.
-Photoshopping is encouraged, but the integrity of the outfit must remain untouched.

-July 5th 2010 the start of contest
-July 24th 2010 Contest Close
-July 26th 2010 The winner is announced

Nefertiti Kimagawa

HoneyBear Lilliehook Photography

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