CASTINGS!!! – Gems & Kisses – July 2010

Gems & Kisses – Art Lives Here

The management has fixed the castings for the new models on the days:

– 6 of July 1PM SLT
– 6 of July 2 PM SLT
– 7 of July 1PM SLT
– 7 of July 2PM SLT

The landmark will be given in the group before the beginning of the casting. The models have to prepare 2 outfits:

– 1 elegant
– 1 modern
with jewelry and accessories (of course, it is not mandatory that they are Gems & Kisses but recommended)

The models have to do the 2 walks with 3 poses of 10 seconds each in front of the judges. At the end of the 2nd walk the models have to sit in front of the judges and to answer few questions.

We remember that few positions are available but all the models that obtain a good point will be in a graduatory and taken as models as new positions will be free without a new casting.

All models to participate have to fill this application and join the Gems & Kisses waiting list.

Best regards

Gems & Kisses – Management

Franco Bloch – Director and Model Coordinator
Lisiel Andel- Manager

Introducing the MANIERA MEN of STYLE 2010

Men of Style 2010
Maniera Magazine
Maniera Inc.


They have substance, style and sex appeal. They not only WoW’d  the judges but appealed to our senses.
All the contestants were fantastic, and each and every one is a Man of Style.

Please give a round of applause to the 2010 Maniera Men of Style:



These men will appear in Maniera Magazine’s August 2010 edition!


RicoRacer Flux “The Journey”: Wow, I can’t believe it has been a year since I won this event/competition last year. It was one of the best things that ever happened to my modeling career plus I got to meet my mentors Topaz Joubert and Sami Kutanaga. I extend my CONGRATULATIONS to the new MANIERA MEN of STYLE 2010. Maniera sure knows how to choose them. They are a fine group of awesome gentlemen.

BTW, I am so proud right now. I’m like a proud PAPA with a huge happy grin. LOL. Two of my GLANCE Academy students were picked as MANIERA MEN of STYLE 2010. CONGRATULATIONS to Seedus Aldrin and LesPaul Ibanez. Watch out SL Fashion World! These two are going to blaze their way to the top. Not only are they Fast Learners but they have the drive, determination and right attitude to succeed. Great job guys. =D