GLANCE Magazine July 2010 Now Available

GLANCE Magazine July 2010 Cover

GLANCE International Agency (GIA), is proud to announce the release of its tenth issue, the July 2010 edition of GLANCE Magazine. You will discover in this publication…

– Emilia Redgrave, Designer of the month
Along with Redgrave Team (Dean Ashby, Viola Leigh)
– Nefertiti Kimagawa, Model of the month
– Africa special fashion spread
– Oh my barbecue!, Tropical Storm, Bake Sale fashion spreads
– Mystery Shopper: our fashion detective visits House of London
– Christensia Parkin as the future of fashion
– GIA Showcases reviews
… and more!

Read the magazine online at :

Visit us online at :

GLANCE Magazine is produced by GLANCE International Agency, SL’s premiere fashion marketing and public relations agency, member of the SL Solution Provider program.

About GLANCE Magazine :

GLANCE Magazine is a high-quality, fashion-centric publication released every month. It focuses on designers, style and beauty. We display the top picks of our fashion editors with upscale fashion photographies. Filled with style tips for the fashionista, marketing strategies for the designers and must-have looks for A-listers, GLANCE Magazine is a must-read for the fashionable avatar. With the wish to become a fashion bible, the magazine offers fashion statements and style mottos to assert one’s fashion identity.

GLANCE Magazine also serves as a promotion book to showcase the talented designers and their new collections spanning across the grid along with the latest fashion shows, hunts and photo contest that happens around Glance sim.

GLANCE Magazine is published and managed by GLANCE International Agency (GIA), with over 75 fashion shows planned during its first year in business including the successful International Fashion Day, 24 fashion shows in 24 hours that was featured in real world fashion blog!

You name it. We are all about fashion.

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FASHION Calendar: Modavia Fashion Week September 9-16

Modavia Fashion Week line-up


Modavia Productions Announces Line-up for Fashion Week (September 9-16, 2010)

July 30, 2010 – Modavia Productions, the fashion show production division of Modavia Fashion Marketing, today announced the line-up of designers participating in the Modavia Fashion Week 2010 event. This week of fashion shows will feature a preview of the new Fall collections from some of SL’s very best labels. Fashion Week 2010 is sponsored by LeLutka and supported by media partners Deja Vu International Magazine and Wilder Public Relations. As in previous years the event will also be supported by

Fashion houses confirmed for Modavia Fashion Week 2010 are:

A la Folie, Angel Dessous, Anubis Style, Baiastice, B! Fashion, Bliss Couture, Boudoir, Casa del Shai, Chantkare, CheerNo, [dekade.], Dojo, Eshi Otawara, Gabriel, Gasqhe, Gems & Kisses, House of Fox, Indyra Originals, Kunglers, L’Abel, LeeZu!, MEB, Miamai, Modern Gypsy, Muism, My Precious, Niven Collection, Orage Creations, Paper Couture, Phoenix Rising, Ricielli, SHIKI, Sonatta Morales, Son!a, Violator

This is the second Fashion Week produced by Modavia and, as in 2009, will be held in conjunction with the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week taking place in New York City at the same time. The event last year, set in Bryant Park SL, was well attended and attracted an unprecedented level of media coverage.

A broad range of men’s and women’s fashion designs including couture, formal, casual, and lingerie will be showcased. Shows will begin on September 9 and run through September 16. A total of 35 designers will be represented in Modavia Fashion Week 2010 in 4 to 5 shows daily, beginning at noon SLT at a new Modavia owned, purpose built multi-sim venue. In addition to the fashion shows, participating designers will have on-site boutiques selling the designs seen in their shows, and there will be exclusive gifts offered to attendees by many of the designers and sponsors.

About Modavia Productions
Modavia Productions is a full service fashion production company offering clients unprecedented event production, photo shoot coordination, model casting, and marketing services.

About Modavia Fashion Marketing
Modavia Fashion Marketing operates within the virtual world of Second Life ™. Modavia is the parent company of the Modavia Fashion Directory – The FIRST, SL Guide to the Who’s Who of Top Fashion in Second Life, featuring the famous Modavia Supermodels and Master Photographers. Modavia Fashion Marketing sponsors the Fashion Photographer of the Year award with cash prizes in excess of L$100,000, awarded to the most distinguished fashion portfolio created during the year. Modavia also sponsors the Designer Wardrobe Giveaway which is the biggest couture prize in SL, with over 95 current season outfits going to 2 lucky subscribers during each contest cycle. Through its various pursuits Modavia endeavors to develop products and services that celebrate the best of fashion design, fashion modeling and fashion photography in Second Life.

Second Life(tm) is a registered trademark of Linden Labs, Inc. To find out more about Second Life please visit


For additional information, contact:

Dahlia Joubert
Manager, Modavia Productions

Poptart Lilliehook
CEO, Modavia Fashion Marketing


Image by Di Hoorenbeek

ModelX Rainbow Show 2010 7/31 1PM SLT

ModelX Rainbow Show 2010



Presents Rainbow Show 2010

July 31th, 1pm slt




B! Fashion

Fellini Couture


Purplemoon Creations


Sascha’s design


Events Staff:

Host: KarenMichelle Lane

Stage Designer: Philip Dollinger

Photographer: Tillie Ariantho

Showdirector: Linnda Scofield

Dancer Dallagio

Elyna Carver

Fauve Beaumont

Linnda Scofield

Mavi Beck

Memory Thorne

Mimmi Boa

Natasja Schumann

Rhonda Pennell

Veronica Crasner


Seth Diabolito

Daniele Eberhart

Liam Netizen

Philip Dollinger

Blog Preview:

Model, picture and stylng: Linnda Scofield

Miss Virtual World 2011 Finalists

The judges have voted and decided that the following ladies are now Official MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2011 Candidates:

Ruby O’Kelly
Shae Sixpence
Blossoms Sweetwater
Keira Soulstar
Serene Faith
Rhonda Pennell

Congratulations ladies !


August LIVE auditions will be the last opportunity to get into MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2011.

Good luck everyone.


The rest of the Miss Virtual World 2011 FINALISTS:

blackLiquid Tokyoska
Calista Ella
Fuzz Lennie
Katherine Comet
Estela Parx
rakusu Aabye
Carilynn OHare
Ranini Farella
Luralie Bailey
Veronica Krasner
Fauve Beaumont
Leandra Breen
Darling Tomorrow
Emeraldeyes Honi
Angels Milena
Syra Hyun
Jennaa Loire

* I hope I didn’t miss anybody. ;p


Evane Models Agency will held this HUGE Production! It’s a rare thing on SL but so worthed! a MEN Fashion Show!


This huge production will be sponsored by SM Menswear.SB Menswear features some of the finest men’s clothing in SecondLife. Men’s jeans, casual shirts, sweaters, leathers, jackets, uniforms, suits, and formal wear… They have it all.They are proud to show us really amazing creations as SystemX Suits. SB Menswear is happy to announce that their new SystemX suits was featured on the cover of the August issue of Abello magazine. There will also be a feature story/interview in that same issue. Without giving too much away, all we can say is that the new SystemX Suits was released on August 1st. The initial release will include single breasted suits in about a dozen colors, double breasted suits in the same colors, about 26 shirts, and over 30 ties.SystemX suits are unique… the system allows literally millions of possible wear combinations!

The show goes under direction and supervision of Diconay Boa [Evane Fashion Director],  with colaboration of SB Owner Managment Charity Steampunk and the amazing designs of Sweeny Baxter.

Amazing known Models will be stars in this show, they are:

Daniele Eberhardt

Apollo Call

Liam Netizen

Maddoz Kaestner

Trouble Inglewood

Salvo Waydelich

Another amazing designs and production that we are sure you don’t wanna miss!

Show date: 7th August [Saturday]

Time: 3 pm SLT

**Note from Jen ~ LM to follow next week I’m sure.  I’ll update when I get one for you.  Mark your calendars to attend!  Men’s shows are rare and we really need to support these guys as this also tells the designers we want more great mens’ designers in SL!  So let’s get out there and support each other.  😀

See you there!

MODEL’S CLOSET: The New & Improved Strut It Modelling HUD

Are you one of those who are using STRUT IT Hud created by Mango Splash?

Are you one of those who requested a default pose on Strut it?

If yes….well we got a good news for you, we updated STRUT IT HUD which is ready to be distributed the updated one directly to all lovely and loyal customer who are using it.

How to get your updated one?

Easy, since we got no time yet to fix updater script, you need to meet us and we will give you ur newly updated STRUT IT HUD personally 🙂

Leave us an offline IM or notecard and we will set up a meet and greet date with yah 🙂

Contact Person:
Kryptonia Paperdoll
Mango Splash

For more info, Pls check the website:

FASHION CALENDAR~Angel Dessous Midsummernight Collection Show~

~Angel Dessous Midsummernight Collection Show~

. BeStyle District Agency . is proud to announce a fabulous show on the BeStyle District EGO Club:

“Angel Dessous Midsummernight Release”

on August 1 at 1PM.

A release Show of the new Angel Dessous Summer collection in the stylish athmosphere of the EGO Club on Rodeo Drive.

You are cordially invited to join a stylish and special event and having the first look on the newest Designs by Nando Korobase.

He worked during the last hot summer weeks on a fantastic collection which will be released on the Show date.

Join us for the first look of most beautiful Lingerie and dresses on Rodeo Drive first class Club EGO.

Also there is a wonderful surprise gift waiting for you.

Only at EGO and only for this event!

@Top models in show are:

Gamp Lane

Lorelei Maggs

Naiya Kazyanenko

Agtaope Carter

Seashell Dench

Payton Heron

Dancer Dallagio

July Raymaker

Janine Coba

The Show is hosted by KarenMichelle Lane and Editorial Clarity via Voice.

Show Director : Leandra Breen

The photographers for the show are :Tillie Ariantho and Daniele Eberhardt.

You cant miss it!!!!

We hope to see you there for a fabulous event!!!

Agtaope Carter Lane

. BeStyle District Agency . Owner & CEO.

Out of the Darkness – More Infomation

Out of the Darkness  Charity Fundraiser to raise awareness of Domestic Abuse and to assist Jenni Eros&.

Items for Auction will end:(Thursday night/Friday early morning) Friday, July 30, 2010 at 12:31 AM

Date Auctions will end:Friday, July 30, 2010 at 9:18 PM slt.
If you want to bid on any of the 100s of items tp on in. Boards are open.  Simply pay the board for  your bid.  If you are outbid, you will be refunded & IMd.  Donation kiosks here also.Location:
Donation Kiosk
If you want to donate please follow the following instructions for sending items:
1)   DATE AUCTION       *If you want to participate, send the following:             Create a FOLDER named ODF_Date_Your name include in the folder the following one (1) full perm photo for the board renamed the same name as the folder. Also, include a full perm notecard with your info on it (Your name, and why the person would want to bid on a date for you.)   Pass the folder to me and I will get the boards up before the 25th, Please do not wait till the last minute. We can all donate 2hrs for a ‘date’

2)  ITEM AUCTION           If you have any item to include in the auction (clothing, furnishing, gift certificates, hair, anything) you need to do the following:  Create a  FOLDER named ODF_Auction_Item Name.   Include in the folder the following:  1)  the item (it must be boxed in a single prim, make sure it is transferable. It goes inside the vendor that delivers it automatically to the correct winner at auction closed)  Name the prim (if it is not already) a simple item name “Miami XYZ Gown, or GC to XYZ Store” … If it is in a single prim or is a single prim item, you can just send it in the folder.
2)  Next in the folder include a Notecard  that explains any specifics of the item (if it is a gift certificate, maybe a NC with a LM and a sim description in it, if it were clothing just describe it briefly).  You can name this NC:  ITEM NAME_Description
3)  A NC for the winner of the item ONLY IF they need to contact you for the transaction.  Just explain to them what they need to do to either set up the transaction or meet with you. You do not need to do this if the item is included, unless you want to just write out a simple thank you to include for the winner.
4) Last but not least a FULL Perm photo (it doesn’t have be professionally done, but I have to have something) of the item, or that gives the winner the visual idea of what they are bidding on.  This will be the display photo.  I cant put the item in without having a photo.

**If the item is not sold, please make sure to ck your inventory as I will return them before the 31st.

So lets get going, LMs will be sent out before tomorrow so we can get rolling… Ok bury me now with the items *braces and gets ready for Opium Power*
Michela Benazzi

Opium Presents “Out of the Darkness” Auction

To benefit our beloved Jenni Eros is underway.

You will find auctions for dates with some gorgeous models and wonderful items.

Gift cards from so many wonderful designers..

Black canary, 24 shoes, Glam affair, ooak gowns.. too many designers to mention and growing by the minute. Come bid on these great gifts and pick up a great bargain! All the while you’ll be helping jenni make it safely to Florida!

More added daily so please check back often! pls message Michela Benazzi with any questions.

Please help a fellow model and designer.


Arcobaleno is Casting for SL Male Models Today 7/25 Sunday

Arcobaleno needs 10 male models to round out our male group of models. If you believe you have what it takes to be an Arcobaleno Model then come to our weekend casting this Sunday July 25th at 10am, 1pm and 6pm. What are we looking for?

Stylish casual outfit well accessoried and styled H2T (Head to Toe).
Model resume with your most current head and full body shot attached

Arrive at least 10 minutes early and hand your resume to the avatars with Casting Director tags as well as myself. Proceed backstage ( to the right of the runway the wall is phantom). Line up in alpha order by first name. hen I call out the first model prepare to come out right after that model comes back. I WILL NOT CUE AGAIN so be sure to pay attention. The walk formation will be given upon arrival. Please prepare 6 poses. models will be chosen at the end of the casting.

*** Those chosen will go throu the image/style evaluation given to all models accepted into the agency. If you do not feel comfortable with altering your look according to the agency’s requests, please do not attend the casting.***

Good Luck

Vikeejeah Xevion
Arcobaleno CEO


FASHION CALENDAR: Costa Rica Sims Presents “The Influential Fashion Party”!!!!

Costa Rica Sims Presents “The Influential Fashion Party”!!!!

☆☆Costa Rica Sims Presents☆☆
☆☆The Influentials Fashion Party☆☆
▨When: July 25th, 2010
▨Performer: DJ Syri (Syrianna Piane)
▨Time: 12:00 pm SLT – 1:30pm SLT
▨Attire: Anything fashionable
Join us in celebrating the individual for this month that’s contributed to the SL world of fashion in a special way!! Hummmm I wonder who the winner is… (◕‿-。) stop by and see!!!!

Alatiel – FABULOUS SUMMER 2010

Alatiel – FABULOUS SUMMER 2010

model/photographer: blackLiquid Tokyoska


Alatiel Fashions presents


Super Summer Sale

MidSummer Night Party

Summer Hunt

Color of the Day

Special Lottery: Gifts from Ala

Monthly Photo Competition

Summer with Alatiel Fashions has just started!!
Let’s spend a fabulous August month together and celebrate 2 years of Alatiel Fashions with a calendar full of activities, sales, and special offers.


. S u p e r S u m m e r S a l e .

22 July – 31 July

Alatiel Outlet department is extended to the WHOLE store!

In addition to the second floor of our mainstore, filled with the very first creations and classics of Alatiel Fashions, be sure to visit the Formal, Casual and Men departments.

ALL items from previous collections of Alatiel Fashions have been set on special sale from 50 to 100L.

**Note: the latest releases of Summer 2010 Collection are not part of this promotion**


. M i d S u m m e r N i g h t P a r t y .

6 August 2010.

Win tasty gift bags full of outfits, store cards and special surprises.

Enjoy the finest tunes by some of the best DJ’s on the grid.

Meet Alatiel Live Models, and winners of the special June edition of Alatiel Photo Competition.

Treat yourself with a fashion spectacular.


. S u m m e r H u n t .

15 August – 31 August

Alatiel Fashions Boudoir will be hosting a sim hunt, featuring Alatiel and our sim merchants.


. C o l o r o f t h e D a y .

throughout August 2010

Join Alatiel Fashions in-world group, or subscribe to Alatiel Fashions Subscriber List and stay tuned on Special Promotions.

In random days, for 24 hours only, items of one color will be for sale at a very special price.


. G i f t s f r o m A l a .

Special Lottery

To thank you all for your loyalty and support, ALL customers who make at least one purchase in the period from 1 August to 31 August, will be automatically included in the special lottery “Gifts from Ala”.

Requirements to be included in the lottery:

1. Join Alatiel Fashions in-world group or Alatiel Fashions Subscriber List
2. Purchase at least one Alatiel Fashions item in the period from 1 August to 31 August 2010.

10 lucky customers will be drawn and will receive 5,000L$-value Gift Vouchers.


. A l a t i e l P h o t o C o m p e t i t i o n .

Join Alatiel FlickR group ( and submit your entry for July Photo Competition, with the theme FANTASTIC FANTASY FASHION.


– 1,000L$-value gift voucher
– one-of-a-kind creation by Alatiel Malies
– your photo will be displayed in-store for one month

Deadline for submissions: 31 July.

And be ready, as August Edition of Alatiel Photo Competition will be a very special one.


Alatiel Fashions, FABULOUS SUMMER 2010.

Contact Info:
Livia Mastroianni, Chief Marketing Officer

Contest: The Face of Beningborough 2011

The Face of Beningborough 2011

The search is on for THE FACE OF BENIINGBOROUGH 2011.

We are looking for a model with the whole package who exudes confidence, style and glamour; with a chameleon type quality who can bring to life all the genres of design from the House of Beningborough Collection created by Bliss Beningborough, Designer/CEO.

The winner of the Face of Beningborough 2011 will represent the House of Beningborough in all Ad Campaigns and Fashion Shows with the HOB Elite Model Troupe,
A professional photoshoot with one of SL’s top professional photographers and be shot for the cover of Bestyle Magazine & a 6 page fashion spread inside of the February edition,
All House of Beningborough new releases throughout her reign,
A unique crown created by L + N Signature Design,
A modeling contract with Evane Modeling Agency,
A modeling contract with Bestyle District Agency.

The 2 runners up will also receive 5,000L$ and a gown of choice from the House of Beningborough collection.

The top 20 finalists will be invited to be House of Beningborough models to appear in fashion shows and model inhouse at our mainstore.

FASHION CALENDAR: SuperElite Mister Summer Show 2010

And the Finalists of Mr SE Summer 2010 are:
angelik Lavecchia
Aspen Parx
Didier Rascon
GeorgieBoy Juliesse
Lars Foulsbane
Matteo Bettencourt
Maxime Tyran
Mickael Greybeard
Roland Zepp
Congratulations to all Gentleman!!
And, 24th July at 12PM SLT you can’t fail the Announcing of Mister SE Summer 2010!!!
There’s also a show with Top Models showcasing the designs of GABRIELS. The set is awesome and futuristic.
Katherine Comet
Phillip Dollinger
Apollo Call
Liam Netizen
Tesan Lane
Silky Trilling
RicoRacer Flux

FASHION CALENDAR: EMW Summer Collection 2010

EMW Summer Collection 2010

Agata Models Agency is proud to introduce to you: The East Meets West Summer Collection 2010!!!

5 wonderful designers from East and the West, a total of 10 top designers, will be showcased!

To accommodate both Japanese and International users, 2 shows are prepared, 7/24 @ 6pm SLT for International users and 7/25 @ 6am SLT for Japanese users.

Once again, the show will be broadcasted live by VWBC!

Please arrive early as we cap the number of avatars to avoid sim crash and lag.

FASHION CALENDAR: Moonstar – Second Anniversary

Moonstar – Second Anniversary

Help us celebrate Moonstar’s Second Birthday with a Fashion Show, Dance Performers, Musical Guests, Hostess labella Farella, Clothing Giveaways, and the fabulous designs by Arora Meili and Vamilia Vella all under one roof! You do not want to miss it!

Saturday July 24 at 12:00 PM SLT


Photography by Valeria Endrizzi
Model: Marissa Bruun wearing Donna by Arora Meili

FASHION CALENDAR: A Cinderella Story Show 7/22 5PM SLT

A Cinderella Story Show

You are cordially invited to “A Cinderella Story Show” on Thursday, July 22, at 5 PM SL Time. You will enter a magic world were everyone can be a princes and princesses, you will listen great music and see greats designs at the runway
Featuring: Miamai, Lady Thera, House of Beningborough, Angel Dessous, Morea Style, B! Fashion, SF Designs, Alphamale and Champagne! Sparkling Fashion.
Sponsored by: Tukinowaguma Hair Style, Virtual Impressions and 3636.
Thursday July 22, 5 PM SL Time
At Metropolis Fashion Park
By Outrageous Glamour.

AVENUE Models Open Casting Results

After several weeks of preparation and the intense live auditions last week, the judges had the challenge of selecting the top finalists from 68 models and 5 show producers to now enter a round of interviews. And in no order of ranking, congratulations to the following who have been invited for the interviews next weekend :

Producers :

Emlies Xeltentat
Herradura Bear
Sweetest Sands
Phillip Dollinger

Models :

Ananya Mai
Angelik LaVecchia
Angelik Slade
Angels Milena
Apollo Call
Bety Dudek
Carilynn Ohare
Cieleste Magic
Dahlia Joubert
Daniele Eberhardt
Didier Rascon
Fauve Beaumont
Fuzz Lennie
Kay Fairey
Lars Foulsbane
Mangosio Lohner
Occasus Jayaram
Phillip Dollinger
Pure Nikolaidis
Sabine Blackburn
Trouble Inglewood
Vikeejeah Xevion
Winter Jefferson

Congratulations and all the best in your interview.

Please see Avenue Website for more info: