Model Pages International “A Cinderella Story Show” Casting Call

Hello models, we are doing a big show on July 22 at 5 PM. We are looking for 12 princess and 12 prince for the show.
Dress code: formal, ball gowns, long formal dressews, tuxedos, and suits. Sophisticated, elegand and romantic.
Casting day: June 30 at 9 AM and 4 PM

Place of the show: Metropolis runway
Casa del Shai
CHAMPAGNE!sparkling fashion
Lady Thera
House of Beningborough
Angels Dessous
B! Fashion
Morea Style
Jewelry Sponsor: Virtual Impressions
Hair Sponsor: 3636

Models need to be available for the following schedule:
Monday 12 July: 11 AM or 4 PM
Wednesday 12 July: 11 AM or 4 PM
Friday 16 July: 11 AM or 4 PM
Monday 19 July: 11 AM or 4 PM (fitting rehearsal)
Wednesday 21 July: 4 PM (dress rehearsal)
Thursday 22 July: 5 PM (show) (Models need to be there at 4 PM sharp)


MPI: Model Pages International

IM Kattia Kaestner for more info.

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