Opium Fashion Agency doesn’t hire often as many of you know, because we keep our number of models very small.

We are an active agency with 2-4 shows a month.

We have room for 4 males and 4 females.

Newly graduated models are encouraged to apply.

We will be interviewing applicants. Please fill out the Application below and send to both Anastacia Markova and Katina Magic.

* If you have submitted an application within the last 3 months we still have it.

Please message Anastacia Markova or Katina Magic for an application. Thank You.

Model Pages International “A Cinderella Story Show” Casting Call

Hello models, we are doing a big show on July 22 at 5 PM. We are looking for 12 princess and 12 prince for the show.
Dress code: formal, ball gowns, long formal dressews, tuxedos, and suits. Sophisticated, elegand and romantic.
Casting day: June 30 at 9 AM and 4 PM

Place of the show: Metropolis runway
Casa del Shai
CHAMPAGNE!sparkling fashion
Lady Thera
House of Beningborough
Angels Dessous
B! Fashion
Morea Style
Jewelry Sponsor: Virtual Impressions
Hair Sponsor: 3636

Models need to be available for the following schedule:
Monday 12 July: 11 AM or 4 PM
Wednesday 12 July: 11 AM or 4 PM
Friday 16 July: 11 AM or 4 PM
Monday 19 July: 11 AM or 4 PM (fitting rehearsal)
Wednesday 21 July: 4 PM (dress rehearsal)
Thursday 22 July: 5 PM (show) (Models need to be there at 4 PM sharp)

SLurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/SkyTower%20dAlliez/168/170/22

MPI: Model Pages International

IM Kattia Kaestner for more info.