New Store for Men: KINGS

Created by the Face of MOOLTO and *QUEENS* CEO, Mina Pelazzi, *KINGS* is a high-end reseller of some of the truly best brands in male fashion, shoes and accessories on the grid. Partnerships with Sartoria, SF Designs, Tres Beau, Styles of Edo and Atelier Bonetto allow *KINGS* to offer fashion-forward men and those that love them the opportunity to buy all pieces needed to put together high-quality and stylized casual, business and formal ensembles from one convenient location.

SF Designs
Tres Beau
Styles of Edo
Atelier Bonetto

KINGS will open with a BANG on Sunday 6/27/10 with a Fashions Show, an Open House and a Dance Party!
Please see the post below for more information.

KINGS Website:

A sample of some of the high quality fashions now AVAILABLE at the KINGS store modeled by RicoRacer Flux and photographed by Mina Pelazzi.

RicoRacer Flux in Tres Beau:

RicoRacer Flux in Styles of edo

CHECK OUT the store:

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