AVENUE Open Casting 2010: Shortlisted Models. Congratulations and GoodLuck.


To all models who submitted an entry to our Open Casting 2010, a sincere thanks for your time and efforts to be part of our agency. Please, don’t be discouraged if you are not chosen this time and stay in AVENUE Magazine Readers group for updates on future castings.

We carefully reviewed your applications and shortlisted 50 female and 18 male models that will meet our jury at Live Auditions Showcase, on Sunday July 11th, 2010.

Male Models:

Angelik Lavecchia
Apollo Call
Daniele Eberhardt
Didier Rascon
Gabe Bookmite
Garrett Ceriano
Lars Foulsbane
Mangosio Lohner
Maxime Tyran
Mickeal Greybeard
More Ying
Phillip Dollinger
SC Tracy
Terran Magic
Todd Anton
Tristan Tiaret
Trouble Inglewood
Winter Jefferson

Female Models:

Amazon Silverweb
Amerique Silverspar
Ananya Mai
Angelik Slade
Angels Milena
Anna Sapphire
Arialee Miles
Bety Dudek
blackLiquid Tokyoska
Caffeinelover Selona
Carilynn Ohare
Cieleste Magic
Cinna Button
Dahlia Joubert
Dancer Dallagio
Darianna Alonzo
Darkevilone Demonia
Dementia Navarita
Di Hoorenbeek
Diconay Boa
Edge Zaurak
ellekirsten GossipGirl
Emanuelle Courtois
EmeraldEyes Honi
Emma Portilo
Fauve Beaumont
Fuzz Lennie
Gloria Gabe
Joselyni Ferber
Katime Vacano
Kay Fairey
Laetitia Vella
Leah Portland
Lorelei Maggs
Lulu Coba
MagicMirror Fayray
Marijana Aries
Monica Porchers
Nala Kurla
Ngozi Faith
Nisa Constantine
Occasus Jayaram
Pure Nikolaidis
Rabbit Garnet
Sabine Blackburn
Slowly Bury
Tonya Coppola
TyraBanks Eiren
Vikeehjeah Xevion
Yuuki Breen


You will receive further instructions about Live Auditions in the next days. Meanwhile, be sure to accept the invitation to AVENUE MODELS Shortlist group.

Livia Mastroianni
Senior Producer | AVENUE Inc

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