FASHION CALENDAR: Model’s Workshop Open House

Model’s Workshop has been in existence since February 2009. It is dedicated to the ongoing professional development of SL models.

This open house is in celebration of the group’s move to a new parcel donated by Annemarie Perenti of the BeStyle Fashion District.

The open house will be between noon and 6 PM and be highlighted by a number of events and activities.

Scheduled events:

Noon: A workshop in the classroom area – Sequoia Niightfire on Accessorizing.

2 PM: The June Make It Work Contest on the runway.

5 PM: A workshop in the classroom area – Blackliquid Tokyoska on Styling: Things to consider in creating you own look.

Ongoing activities:
> Visit our sponsor/ friends/neighbors board in the lobby.
> Take a self guided tour of the building. Look for the little yellow buses all over the building. (See below)
> Chill out and / or dance in the lounge area.
> Chat with group members and group leaders.

*The Guided Tour
There are teleporter panels all over the building, Use them to get around. Near the landing point of each room, there is a little yellow bus. Touch it to get a description of that room.

When : June 24th from 12pm – 6pm SLT

Where :

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  1. ON Thursday,June 24th, in front of 50+ cheering avatars, Sensual Fold brought her game to the Model’s Workshop/Tres Beau/Maniera – Make It Work finale for the May/June event. She won in excess of L$30,000 in prizes ( I’ll mention all the sponsors farther along……) The theme was “Jammies” this time.

    So how did Sensual manage to walk off with that much swag you might ask and why aren’t I enter this contest myself?

    Let me explain, briefly, what Make It Work is to you first. Last year Herradura Baar conceived the idea of a styling challenge for models to test themselves with. The entrants were given a box with clothing, accessories and god knows what else and told to put together a look, take a pic of it and submit. From the entries 10-12 were selected and those finalists walked their walk during a runway finale. Miss Virtual World, herself, Miaa Rebane, won one of these events………….

    This year I took Herra’s Make It Work concept and broadened the idea into a monthly challenge format. Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau, a designer with 6 years+ experience in SL agreed to become the primary sponsor of the event providing the goodies to be styled each month (I admit that it helps when you go to your boss and say I have this BRILLIANT marketing idea………….). Kimmera was immediately joined by Topaz Joubert and Sami Kutanga of Maniera who offereds the winners a class voucher good for the entire series of classes that were being taught at Maniera’s modeling school. Monica Balut, Founder of Model’s workshop, came up with the ENTIRE set of the Balut Software for models and the event was bankrolled with some dandy prizes…………….

    We’ve done 4 of these so far this year:

    Lacey Firehawk won the first one.

    Sazzy Oh won the second time.

    SterlingZen Harbour won the third month

    And yesterday in front of a packed sim…………….Sensual Fold won during the Model’s Workshop Open House event which was being held on the sim Annemarie Perenti has generously provided to the us to support the modeling and fashion community of SL.

    We’re planning the next couple of month’s Make It Works as I write this. One theme will be: Back to the Beach. The one following that will be: Back to School. Now you have a heads up on what the outfits we’ll be looking to have created will be. One less excuse not to join Model’s Workshop and test yourself…………..

    Considering that Make It Work is FREE, as everything we do at Model’s Workshop is (we’ve never asked for a single $Linden from anyone for anything since February 2009 when the groups was founded btw), what excuse does anyone reading this have for not entering. It’s free and you could win a HUGE prize . Ask any of the winners mentioned above if they were happy with the return on investment for their efforts.

    Each month we’ve added sponsors and we now have group that offers an array of prizes any model would DIE FOR. Skins from AtomicSparkle Skytower’s AtomicBambi. Photos from Talyia Tarber’s Kiss My Camera Studio. Poses from July Raymaker’s Manifeste. Giftcards from Amaranthim Talon’s Talon Faire for eyelashes and hair. Shoes from Dancer Dallagio of Stiletto Moody. Hair from AlexWyler Yoshikawa and Kateforster Akina of Tukinowaguma Hair, 3 shopping sprees from Kimmera Madison’s Tres Beau (winner gets one for $L10,000, first runnerup $L5,000 and second runner up $L2,000, all the other finalist get L$1,000 btw), PoseMe PoseYou software from Chade Vilotta’s modeling equipment, Jewelry from Kayleigh MacMillan’s *ByKay* and Jori Watler’s AlaMood, modeling training and classes from Topaz Joubert and Sami Kutanga’s Maniera, Frolic Mills’ Miss Virtual World Academy and Colby Pevensey and Annabella Ravinelli’s Fashion Institute, and last but not least giftcards from Kay Fairey for a Style of Edo shopping spree for the event’s male winners. I’m not sure what or who else we can add to make this better but I’m open to suggestions.

    I’d be very, very, very remiss if I didn’t mention the work of Viola Rookswood, Temperance Moonites and Vikkeejeah Xevion, who stepped in cold when I got jammed and built this month’s event yesterday from scratch doing did a far better job then I would have creating announcements and invitations, running a rehearsal, writing the show’s scripts, fielding questions from, and soothing, the contestant’s frazzled nerves and, basically, dealing with all the minutiae that crops up when you do a show like this fast. Thank you ladies for having the nerve and the skillz to step in and for all your hard work.

    I also want to thank Monica Balut, founder of Model’s Workshop and, her right hand, Herradura Baar for everything they’ve done to support and nurture the models of SL.

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

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