FASHION CALENDAR: The ZombiePopcorn Sl Carnival is now OPEN.

The ZombiePopcornSL Carnival is now open!

Res in and walk the grounds, browse the designers and ride the ferris wheel.  This is an event not to be missed!

A-Bomb, .: Acid & Mala Creations :., Action, [AddiCt], aDORKable Poses, Agent Orange, Amacci, Awesome Blossom, AYUMI, Blitzed, [BUTT-ERR] Butterdish, caLLie cLine, Concrete Flowers, ~*Crossroad Dreams*~, Diesel Works, *Deviant Girls*, [doll.], Ducknipple, Exile, Fallen Gods Inc., Fall Out / Fall In, .:::GARAGE:::., GeSture WhoRe Store, Glam Affair, [ glow ] Studio, Heart & Sole, Homekraft, III, !Imabee, IrEn, It’s Cake, KOSH, *League*,  .:* LOULOU&CO *:.,  *LP* Design, Morantique, {MV}, [name pending], Nomine, NSD, [paper.doll], Para Designs, Pididdle, Plastic Flowers, Posh, -RC- Cluster, Reek, .:: SeXXXie GesTures ::., Show me on the Doll, Soap Co., So What?, Tart, /.tea/, Tyranny Designs, Vita’s Boudoir, VooDoo Baby, Wasabi Pills, WoE…and MORE!
Sponsored by DeeTalez, The Land Of NoR, MANIERA Magazine, Second Style Magazine, & Graves Inc. Magazine.

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CONTEST: Moolto Model Contest

SL is the great leveller. Everyone can be a fashion model, everyone can be beautiful/handsome enough, thin/buff enough and anything that a designer needs. Models come and go in SL and always there is the impression that models are airheads and anyone can do it.

Thanks to many of the fantastic agencies that now operate in SL we are seeing a change in that perception. We are seeing models who are actually MODEL human beings. Beautiful people, in all shapes and sizes who represent the best of what it means to be a human. These are people who give back on a daily basis. They care about the world around them and about others. They are active in helping to build Second Life.

These are the men and women we want to honour in MOOLTO.


Stage 1. Each week we will be asking you to submit your photos according to the posted theme for the week. At the end of each week a winner will be announced.

Stage 2. At the end of the month, with 4 weekly winners, one will be chosen to featured in an online and in-world publication and hold the title of ‘Moolto’s Model of the Month’. This is a contest about class and substance and we want only the best!!

Stage 3 Every 2 months, MOOLTO members and friends will be invited to express a vote on the 8 models selected – the 8 weekly winners.
Public voting will last 7 days.
The first 2 with top votes will be featured inside ‘Moolto Models Calendar’ – one model per month.

You may be requested as winner to provide a small interview and a photo shoot for both the publication @ Stage 2, and the calendar @ Stage 3.

Please Join the
“” Group in world