For a long time now, Rico and I have agonized over CSLTM’s first designer spotlight. Who should it be? Who do you love? There are so many premier designers out there that we could have chosen and it was a painful task to come up with our first one. In the end, we’ve selected one of our favorite people, someone who is about to experience her brand’s 6th anniversary in SL. Someone who has been consistently, and unrelentingly, supportive of SL’s modeling community. Someone generous to a fault and unquestionably one of the best high-end designers out there.

Tres Beau’s Owner/Designer Kimmera Madison.

Kim has been interviewed, chronicled, blogged and dissected, time and time again and CSLTM is nothing if not unique in our approach. We wanted to avoid the same ol’ same ol’ questions and take Kimmera somewhere she rarely goes in a interview like this. To the edge…

We could have asked “safe” questions like these:

Where do you get your design inspirations from?

What are the essential elements for success in SL’s fashion industry?

Who are your favorite RL/SL designers?

What drew you into SL in the first place?

What advice would you give to someone starting a fashion business in SL?

What is your graphics design background?

What photo/3D software and hardware tools do you use to create with these days?

You’re created over 400 designs in SL to date which are your favorites?

What are your plans for tres Beau’s future?

But questions like those would be too mundane for us at CSLTM and for our most important people, you.

We wanted Kimmera to spill, to dish, to be unabashedly honest with us. Like it was just the girls having a chat. So Rico and I thought long and hard about this and our candid questions and her startling answers are detailed below.

JT: We know you work, work, work at this since it’s your RL job.  We heard you recently agreed to design 3 Mr Virtual World Contestant’s, (Specifically: Mr. Canada, (More Ying), Mr. Brazil (Maddox Kaestner) and Mr.Italy (Marcus Night)) National Costumes. Tell us about those designs, how you turned around 3 costumes in such a short timeframe (almost overnight?) and how it was working with these 3 talented models? Which outfit was the most fun???

KM: LOL, well, it wasn’t exactly overnight, they gave me a week! And it was great fun!  I love creating clothing, I have had my hand at Medieval, Pirates, Victorian, Mardi Gras, Costume Balls as well as my Bridal and High Fashion.  I love it all!   It’s fun to research a look and come up with a concept then have to figure out how to execute it. Which was my favorite to make?  They were all fun to make, though the Mountie with the beer bottle belt was kind of a kick..and making Maddox go half naked was fun as well!  All three guys were a dream to work with, they had some definite input to what look they wanted…well..all except Maddox  HAH!   But like true guys they all had their say and then let me go nuts with my own concepts, gotta love it!

JT: You were selected from all the women’s formal wear designers in SL by Mimmi Boa to design the final outfit she wore as Miss Virtual World 2009.   Tell us what set you apart in the selection process and how it was to work with such an amazing Supermodel.

KM: Why? Because of my amazing charm and personality?  Ok ok, I lied…actually it was Frolic Mills who asked me, then made me change things on it 3 times when I finally told him to bugger off and asked Mimmi her opinion, we over ruled Frolic and made him cry  LOL Why was I chosen? Frolic had a vision and knew it was my style and that he and I could work well together on its creation, smiles.  Just this week I was asked to make Miaa Rebanes final Miss Virtual World gown, I am again, deeply honored.

JT: We heard you have a fierce attitude when it comes to dealing with diva models and show directors. Is that true Dish… Spew… Tell us what you look for in a model or agency and what you don’t stand for.

KM: A Professional never admits to their dislikes, they just graciously move away, smiles sweetly.  Fierce Attitude, hmm, when I hire an agency or a model I simply expect to receive their best efforts in providing the service they sold to me. If they do not follow through, I won’t use them again, enough said.

JT: Tres Beau’s notorious COO Nave Fall has been out-spoken about Paid vs Free Fashion shows and Model’s rights in SL.  As models ourselves, Rico and I are advocates.  Where do you stand on this spikey issue?

KM: I stand firmly behind it, I have always paid the models that have done work for me whether it was through the fee I paid to the agency (which I always follow up on to make sure that the models were paid from that fee) or though a tip given after the show.  Models put alot of time, effort and passion into what they do, they deserve to be compensated for it.

JT: At the recent RFL Clothing Fair, a gown of yours was on the poster and was the top selling creation at the event.  What inspired such a beautiful piece of art?  How many times did that sell and how much did it raise to support such a wonderful cause?

KM: That dress was inspired by the RFL Clothing Fair Poster.  LOL  I saw it, IM’d Nevar and asked if it was made yet, he said no, so I made it.  It sold like crazy! The dress is sold for 1000 Lindens with all proceeds going to RFL. At the end of the two week long Clothing Fair, I had sold 130+ and have sold many many more since in my shop. I am thrilled that the dress was a success and has raised funds for an organization that is helping find a cure for an ugly disease that has touched so many of us.

JT: Tres Beau is frequently copied/knocked off.  Care to comment on the “semi-legitimate” copies???  Tres Beau was involved in a recent copybotting scandal after you found your designs being sold by Edika Hax of Allegra Versace.  That led to with many other famous SL designers creations being discovered subsequently.  I heard that he banned many top designers from entering his sim not long after being discovered.  What happened and how did you catch him?  Did he really admit it?

KM: We caught him somewhat by it fate. Did he deny it, hell yes he did, outright lied about it.  Has action been taken, yes, has there been results of that action?  YES!  We are pleased to see that not only is he no longer found in game but his sim is gone as well…will he come back, probably, but he got an expensive slap for his abuse of others work.  If you find or are given something that is a stolen creation, please do not support those actions and PLEASE Report that person(s).  Creators of all types work hard at what they do, show them the respect they deserve!  SL is a platform created by its users, everything you wear, see and experience was created by someone who gave their heart to it’s creation.  Please don’t let thieves and scammers destroy that.

JT: You’ve done many shows, fairs, and charity benefits this year.  To help those that plan on attending such events please tell us what do you liked and disliked, and what went right or wrong?  How do you decide what to support to balance RL and SL?

KM: What do I like?  I like events put on by people with an honorable vision, who put they’re all behind it to ensure that it goes well and has an outcome that benefits those involved.  If it’s a charity, I look for the ones that are legitimate and support a RL organization and prove that the proceeds will indeed go to those organizations.  I have been involved in some amazing events, The RFL Clothing Faire, The Haiti Tent Project to name just two.  I applaud the efforts and the care that went into them!  The few that went wrong were basically due to the lack of effort put towards the project and sadly a few were scams.

JT: After 6 years in SL, where is Tres Beau headed now and what do you like most about your SL job these days?

KM: I daily look for ways to improve, it’s my personal challenge.  Where is Tres Beau headed?  Well, we’ve made it 6 years and there’s many more to come!  I am excited to hear that Mesh will be introduced and look forward to playing with it and being blown away by what others do with it.  What I like most is the people I meet, the joy of creation and tormenting Nave Fall on a daily basis!  My dream for Tres Beau is to make people smile.


BLOG: Tres Beau WordPress Blog

LM:  Limo to Tres Beau Mainstore on Lace Sim

A special ‘Thank You’ to Kimmera Madison and Nave Fall for their time and accepting to be our first Designer Spotlight interview.

And to all our special CSLTM fans, a BIG ‘Thank you’. Without you we wouldn’t be here and we do appreciate you. If you have any comments or requests, please let us know. We are here for you.

~ Jen : )


  1. “Tormenting Nave Fall on a daily basis” pfffffft. Of all the things she could say: that I’m a brilliant business intellect, that I have a tremendous sense of style, that I make her laugh till she can’t breath, that I’m great fun to hang out with, she says, “Tormenting Nave Fall on a daily basis,” That’s the best she can come up with, I’m speechless………………..

    Thank you, Jen, Rico and Mikey for honoring Tres Beau with this. We love you guys too………………


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