JOLEP TRENDY presents The Trendy Model Gown Swap

Do you ever wonder how your inventory got so out of control?  Does it seem like there is no hope?  Ready to just trash it all?

STOP! We have a solution.  JOLEP TRENDY presents The Trendy Model Gown Swap.  What is a better way than to swap  with others. This will benefit newer models also by giving them the chance to pick up some new gowns.

All we need you to do is box up the gown and take a photo of it and put it on the box (so we can see what we are swapping). Make sure the items are transfer.  Please NO FREEBIE GOWNS…  Please also try to keep it between 5-7 boxes.

We will also be doing random L giveaways of 100L every 15 minutes So what could be better than free money, free gowns and dancing? =) So come prepared for a day of fun!


Date: June 12 Saturday

Time:12 pm SLT-2 pm  SLT


LM To Model Gown Swap

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